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Audio Technology Shure SRH1440 Headphone Review

Audio Technology 87

May 2012

Audio Technology (Issue 87) review Shure's SRH1440 Professional Open Back Headphones.


When Mark Davie dropped off this pair of SRH1440s onto my desk with a ‘lemme know what you think’, I immediately unzipped the case and whacked them on. There’s an easy effortlessness in the tone and imaging, and this is definitely my experience with the 1440s. They’ve been an absolute pleasure to use – the tone is really well balanced and the detail is excellent.

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Mixdown Shure GLX-D Wireless System Review

Mixdown Issue 217

January 2014

Mixdown (Issue 237) review Shure's GLX-D Wireless System.


The new BLe price tag.

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Mixdown Shure BETA 91A Boundary Microphone Review

Mixdown October 2011

October 2011

Mixdown (Issue 210) review Shure's BETA 91A Boundary Microphone.


The Shure BETA 91A is an electret condenser microphone that has been specifically designed to handle the high sound pressure levels of a kick drum and capture all the snap and low end that this and other instruments can create.

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The Music Shure BETA 27 Review

The Music

July 2013

The Music review the Shure BETA 27 Instrument Microphone.

The Shure Beta 27 is a pretty sturdy piece of kit and it feels like it’s going to deliver. In fact picking one of these up will make you feel more manly. It’s a nice piece of metal with gold bits!

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Drum Media Headphone Review

November 2010

Drum Media (Issue 1034) review Shure's SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones.


These headphones are designed for professional audio engineers and musicians, optimised for studio recording and critical listening.

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Digital Drummer Earphone Review

Digital Drummer August 2011

August 2011

Digital Drummer review Shure's SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones.

We're getting to the pointy end, price-wise, and the SE535's performance reflects the added cost.

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Audio Technology - Shure PG ALTA Review

September 2015

Audio Technology (Issue 111) review Shure PG ALTA Microphones.


Shure’s budget mics are all chips off the ol’ SM and Beta blocks. But how close to the originals do they come?

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CX Magazine Shure VP89 Shotgun Microphone Review

CX Issue 78

February 2013

CX (Issue 78) review Shure's VP89 Shotgun Microphones.


When the VP89 was announced I was pretty curious to see how good it was. I got hold of a pair of VP89L mics and over a month took them to a bunch of gigs to evaluate in real life conditions. I record live bands on real stages, and the big challenges I’ve encountered with crowd mics are those of pattern control and SPL handling.

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Australian Guitar Shure GLX-D Wireless System Review

Australian Guitar 101

January 2014

Australian Guitar (Issue 101) review Shure's GLX-D Wireless Guitar System.


Shure have been developing and refining wireless microphone systems for decades and they have recently ventured into the digital wireless realm. They have put all of their wireless microphone knowledge into their latest offering and have done so with the guitarist in mind.

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Mixdown Shure SE535 Earphone Review

Mixdown Issue 218

June 2012

Mixdown (Issue 218) review Shure's SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones.


The SE535 earphones are designed to not only be comfortable and clear, but to also isolate your ears from the noise of a loud stage, so you can have control over what you hear when performing.

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Mixdown Shure SE215 Earphone Review

Mixdown Issue 213

January 2012

Mixdown (Issue 213) review Shure's SE215 Earphones.


The SE215 sound isolating earphones from Shure offer the adjustability that is needed to suit each and every artist who wants to use them.

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Touch Magazine Earphone Review

Touch Magazine June 2011

June 2011

Touch Magazine review Shure's SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones.

The compact SE535 is a perfect introduction to the stunning performance of Shure earphones and come in a variety of color and cable configurations.

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3D World Headphone Review

3D World

November 2010

3D World Sydney (Issue 1037) review Shure's SRH750DJ Professional DJ Headphones.


These headphones are optimised for DJ mixing, delivering the highest level performance and premium features for the professional DJ.

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Audio Technology Shure SE846 Earphone Review

AT 102

June 2014

Australian Guitar (Issue 102) review Shure's SE846 Earphones.


High-end generics aren’t the poor cousin of custom moulds anymore, as Shure innovates in the smallest of spaces.

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Mixdown Shure SRH1540 Headphone Review

Mixdown Issue 217

March 2014

Mixdown (Issue 239) review Shure's SRH1540 Professional Studio Headphones.


I have tried and tested a lot of headphones over the last ten years, including dozens of Shure models and I always get excited when I get to give the premium Shure headphones a test. This month I got to use and abuse the Shure SRH1540 Premium Studio Headphones. This is a model that I had not previously had a listen to and i was eager to find out how they went.

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Australian Guitar Shure PGXD Wireless Review

Australian Guitar 89

January 2012

Australian Guitar review Shure's PGX Digital Wireless System.


Shure's latest wireless system uses digital technology to help you lock on and rock out. Let's cut the cord and crank out some riffs.

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Mixdown Shure BLX Wireless System Review

Mixdown Issue 217

October 2013

Mixdown (Issue 234) review Shure's BLX Wireless System.


The new BLX range represents the best entry level pricing on a higher quality product that I have ever seen from Shure. Although not their most basic range, the price point that these units sit between might have some people thinking this is the case. But what you get in the BLX14 Wireless System is much more than you would think judging by the price tag.

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CX Magazine PGX Digital Microphone Review

CX Magazine Issue 56

December 2010

CX Magazine review Shure's PGX Digital Wireless System.


RF, AF, PGX, and now a whole lot of ones and zeroes. But no BS.

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Australian PC User Headphone Review

PC User Dec 2011

November 2011

Australian PC User Magazine review Shure's SRH440 and SRH840 Headphones as part of their Audio Shootout.

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Audio Technology Headphone Review

Audio Technology October 2011

October 2011

Audio Technology Magazine review the Shure SRH940 Professional Reference Headphone.

Headphones play all kinds of roles these days, from monitoring, critical listening and recording through to recreational listening and live performance. Depending on the role you want them to play, headphones may need to be visually discrete, loud, bright, accurate, open-backed, closed, fashionable, attenuating of outside noises, even noise cancelling.

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