Soundcraft Broadcast Consoles

Designed for the varied requirements of on-air, TV and radio production, Soundcraft manufactures a full range of Broadcast consoles, suitable to any requirements that delivers the high performance and reliability you would expect from a Soundcraft product.

RM100 Console

Soundcraft RM100 Consoles

The Soundcraft RM100 is a fully modular radio on-air console which is ideal for use in local radio and other smaller broadcast applications. Designed with ease of use as the prime consideration, it offers a fully-featured yet affordable studio control package.

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RM105 Console

Soundcraft RM105 Console

Designed for use in local radio and other broadcast applications where ease of use must be married with an added level of functionality, the Soundcraft RM105 is a fully modular on-air console which provides a versatile and cost-efficient studio control package.

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Series 15 Consoles

Soundcraft Series 15 Console

The Series 15 is a fully modular mixer designed for on-air and broadcast production use in local radio stations as well as smaller studios of national broadcasters. It offers features such as four stereo groups, insert points and more comprehensive monitoring facilities.

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B800 Consoles

Soundcraft B800 Consoles

Finding the right desk for demanding professional broadcast applications has never been easy. The varied requirements of live TV broadcast, production and live radio work, and OB installations means that only highly customised versions of existing mixers have been suitable - especially when space is at a premium. The Soundcraft B800 changes this. Designed from the ground up as the key audio component in broadcast installations, the frame and electronics of the Soundcraft B800 embody the highest standards of structural and electronic integrity. Whatever the mix of high-quality studio sources and unpredictable remote signals, the B800 ensures superior audio performance.

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BB100 Consoles

Designed to satisfy your need for a more cost effective, small format audio console for Production and On-Air applications BB100 is packed with all the features you needed, all the performance you expect and all the reliability you demand.


With the relentless expansion of Broadcasting in all parts of the world, Soundcraft have recognised the market’s need for a more cost-effective, small format audio console which is not only well-featured, but also able to deliver the performance and build quality expected by today’s Broadcast professionals. The BB100 is a versatile member of the range of professional audio mixing consoles with a flexible design aimed primarily at broadcasters, but still remaining suitable for use in many other applications.

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RM1d/RM1ds Consoles

The RM1d is Soundcraft’s first digital On-Air radio console. Designed for quality-conscious self-op studios, it combines the benefits of an all-digital signal path with the simplicity of control previously associated with analogue consoles. Pools of assignable digital and analogue inputs are provided.

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