Studer Broadcast Consoles

Studer’s range of OnAir and Vista digital mixing systems make us the world’s leading provider of consoles to the Broadcast sectors. A combination of unerring reliability, absolute quality in design and build and pristine audio, are some of the reasons why Studer equips many of the world’s leading production studios and OB trucks.

OnAir 1500

Studer OnAir 1500

The OnAir 1500 – a 12-channel, 6-fader console (expandable to 12 faders), is designed as a flexible hybrid solution for radio broadcasting and production. It’s ideal for studios needing an additional professional grade fader unit and additional I/O or a compact and cost effective mixing console for a production room or studio.

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OnAir 2500

Studer OnAir 2500

Studer’s new OnAir 2500 digital all-in-one console utilises the well-established software technology derived from the highly acclaimed OnAir 3000 console to deliver a new standard in ease-of-use for Radio Broadcast. 

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OnAir 2500 Modulo

Studer OnAir 2500 Modulo

The new model, named the OnAir 2500 Modulo, has separate modules for fader bays and master section, along with a rack-mountable mainframe which houses the power supply and host processing. These modules can be recessed into a desktop for a clean installation with all cables integrated within the furniture and the mainframe hidden appropriately.

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OnAir 3000

Studer OnAir 3000

The Studer OnAir 3000 further extends Studer’s range of digital broadcast consoles with a completely new design aimed at the medium to upper segment of the radio market including private and public network broadcast stations. The operating concept of the OnAir 3000 will be totally familiar to Studer users, as the wide range of compact and elegant control surface modules incorporates the same patented “Touch-n-Action” philosophy as the highly successful Studer OnAir 2000, using colour GUI screens.

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OnAir 3000 Modulo

Studer OnAir 3000 Modulo

The digital Studer OnAir 3000 Modulo is based on a completely modular desk with a wide range of
compact and elegant control surface modules. Layout options range from a highly comprehensive engineer operated continuity console with up to 48 faders, to a single 3-fader panel for DJ and newsroom use, or even a PC-operated system with no physical controls.

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Vista 1

Studer Vista 1

The new Studer Vista 1 is a transportable digital mixing console for broadcast, live and production use. For the first time with a Vista, all you need is contained within the console, the control surface, I/O system, DSP and power supplies are all in one box.

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Vista 5

Studer Vista 5

The Vista 5 is a highly flexible compact digital mixer, with a well-conceived control surface that will find favour amongst users in broadcast production, live sound and performance venues. The console's particularly small size and simple connectivity make it one of the most portable desks on the market, which will find its place in small to midsize studios and will easily fit into any OB van. It can be easily moved from one location to another and set up within minutes.

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Vista 5 M2

Studer Vista 5 M2

Studer’s popular Vista 5 console gets an upgrade to the M2 with the optional addition of the precision TFT metering system introduced on the flagship Vista 9 console. The metering is capable of displaying signal levels from mono through to 5.1 channels on each input, with a configurable lower area which can be used to display bus assignments, surround images or the unique History mode.

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Vista 5 M3

Studer Vista 5 M3

The Vista 5 M3 is a highly flexible, compact digital mixer, with a superbly-conceived control surface that will find favour amongst users in broadcast production, live sound and performance venues. The console's particularly small size and simple connectivity make it one of the most portable desks on the market, equipping it ideally for use in small to midsize studios and OB trucks.

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Vista 5 SR

Studer Vista 5 SR

Continuing the successes of the Vista 5, 6 , 7 and 8 in the broadcast and fixed install markets, Studer now brings this fail-safe and intuitive technology to the tour sound market.

While retaining the renowned qualites of the Vista 5, the Vista 5 SR is the result of careful re-engineering to provide a road-ready, robust package.

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Vista 9

Studer Vista 9

Building on the acclaimed and proven Vista digital mixing platform, the Vista 9 combines advanced ergonomic design with complete system flexibility, pristine audio quality and groundbreaking new features to create a console fit for a new age of broadcast and live production.

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Vista Compact Remote

Studer Vista Compact Remote

The Vista Compact Remote Bay has been designed for users seeking a slave or secondary desk to work in parallel with their Vista console. Typical applications are theatre or live sound installations where it is desired to control the sound balance from the auditorium. It provides full control and monitoring functionality and can be used with all types of Vista consoles, including the brand-new, all-in-one Vista 1, running software V4.8 and up.

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Vista FX

Studer Vista FX

Studer now offers Lexicon® high quality broadcast surround effects  for all Vista consoles, controlled through the widely acclaimed Vistonics™ user interface. Connection to the console's DSP engine is made directly via two high-capacity multichannel HD Links. 

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Vista X

Marking an enormous step forward in large-scale mixing console technology for broadcast applications, the Vista X, together with the Studer Infinity Core, offers an unsurpassed intuitive user interface, retaining the patented Vistonics and FaderGlow user interface, providing control of 800 or more audio DSP channels and more than 5,000 inputs and outputs.

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Vista V

The new Studer Vista V console harnesses Quad Star technology from the acclaimed Vista X to deliver a powerful, dependable and flexible broadcast audio mixing solution in a compact form factor. Studer's Vistonics™ interface and FaderGlow™ create a uniquely intuitive and stress-free operator experience, while the Infinity Core provides unprecedented levels of CPU-based processing power, handling the largest productions with ease.

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Infinity Core

With the development of global live productions requiring more processing power, the Studer Infinity Core comfortably exceeds the demand for processing power, whilst at the same time, provides this in a compact footprint, with extra failsafe systems and increased redundancy protection as standard. 

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