Studer Routing & I/O

Studer offers a wide variety of infrastructure-related products from large and complex routing systems, call management systems, computer-assisted playout systems, and audio interface systems to individual audio function blocks like tone generator modules or master clock generators.

Compact Stagebox

Studer Compact Stagebox

The Compact Stagebox adds a cost effective expansion option, offering a high density of I/O connections in only 4U of rack space. The modular unit is fully configurable but is offered with a standard configuration of 32 mic/line inputs and 16 line outputs. It is possible to equip the Compact Stagebox with an additional 16 mic/line input module instead of the output module, then providing 48 inputs. In this case, analogue or AES/ EBU outputs can still be obtained on D-Type connectors via D21m cards fitted to the expansion slots.

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D21m I/O System

Studer D21m IO System

The Studer D21m high-density audio interface system has been designed to provide the highest quality analogue, digital and signalling interconnections between external equipment and all current and future Studer DSP cores, including those serving the Vista range of consoles.

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D23m Digital I/O System

D23m is Studer's next generation I/O-system especially developed for the Infinity Series large scale mixing consoles, but operates also with SCore Live based Vista mixing systems. 

With increasing demands for higher channel counts and the introduction of Studerís A-Link interface and Infinity Core there was a need for an improved and more powerful I/O-system. 

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One of the benefits of the Studer RELINK system in comparison to others is that it is based totally on Studerís existing SCore system which is an integral part of a Studer console architecture, so no additional hardware or breakout boxes are required to complete the network.

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Route 1000

Studer Route 1000

The Studer Route 1000 software extends Studerís Route 6000 and SCore DSP platforms with a control application that is very simple to use, and which provides an easy and low-cost alternative to the more sophisticated control systems which require steep learning curves.

The Route 1000 application software runs on standard PCs and IT infrastructure and controls both the Route 6000 router and Studer OnAir 3000 mixing desk I/O systems, and is ideal for the operation of small to medium routing systems.

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Route 6000

Studer Route 6000

Studer broadcast consoles are well known for having high I/O capacity with elegant routing capabilities. Based on the same DSP platform, the new highly sophisticated Route 6000 goes one better: based upon the high-efficiency SCore Live DSP core and comprehensive D21m I/O system, the Route 6000 system can accommodate up to 1728x1728 inputs and outputs.

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