Studer Workflow & Audio Solutions

Studer offers a wide variety of infrastructure-related products from large and complex routing systems, call management systems, computer-assisted playout systems, and audio interface systems to individual audio function blocks like tone generator modules or master clock generators.

Call Management System (CMS)

Studer Call Management System

At the heart of the system is a voice server that can handle the entire gamut of telecommunication formats, from analogue POTS circuits, through ISDN, to the latest voice-over-IP technology. The system's main job is to automatically manage and distribute calls to clients used by reporters and operators working in studios and editorial offices. 

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CMS Lite

Studer CMS Lite

CMS Lite is the new, cost effective telephone system solution for broadcasters serving from a single studio up to multiple studio installations. Studer's Call Management System (CMS) is designed for broadcasters and benefits from Studer's long-standing experience in high-quality broadcast products.

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D21 MasterSync

Studer D21 MasterSync

A very accurate professional generator will improve the sound of a digital system as well as ist stability and reliability. Based on the Studer D21 MultiFeed distributor, the Studer D21 MasterSync includes a highly accurate internal clock reference (1 ppm).

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D21 MultiFeed

Studer D21 MultiFeed

In every professional digital environment two tasks must be solved: The distribution of some AES/EBU signals, and the distribution of a synchronization signal. For this reason, two distribution amplifiers are integrated in the Studer D21 MultiFeed. 

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