Waagner-Biro Stage Automation Control Systems

Waagner-Biro offers solutions for entertainment venues worldwide, bringing the extensive benefits of automation technology to the live performance industries.

Waagner-Biro computerised automations systems use electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic power to move stage machinery, staging, scenery or performers. The systems are capable of supplying absolute control of speed and position. Coordinating multiple piece moves, repeatability of all functions, reducing manual handling, improving efficiency and safety of all movement even in confined spaces.

Whatever the unique constraints of the performance space, users require a sophisticated, creative and reliable solution. To this end, Waagner-Biro have developed a range of mechanical products that can be incorporated into any turnkey design. Incorporating their suite of winches, wagon drives and tracking devices within any system provides optimum performance with budget and reliability benefits.

Jands Solutions

Jands Solutions

Jands and our internationally acclaimed partner Waagner-Biro are capable of designing, building and installing stage automation control solutions for the most sophisticated and complex theatrical applications.


To ensure the ongoing reliability of your theatre machinery, including a safe operating environment, all machinery should be serviced as per the requirements and to remain compliant with Australian Standard 1418 Part 2. Jands provides a complete maintenance service for the specialised equipment used within today’s theatre industry.


Jands also designs and manufactures a complete range of motorised and manual operated hoists and drives suitable for curtain control, scenery battens, lighting bars, TV studios and virtually any space designed for entertainment. All Jands manufactured stage machinery is designed by our in house engineering group to comply with the most rigorous national and international standards.

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