Company History

Elton John Crashes Jands 1986 Christmas Party

Elton John at Jands

No one saw this coming!

Rolling up in his limo at our (at the time) 578 Princes Highway, St Peters Jands Head Office, Elton John took everyone by surprise when he rocked up to Jands' backyard Christmas party unexpectedly!

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Jands Start Date Confirmed

Jands Wine Bottle

Here is the proof!

For many years we have celebrated the company as being founded at its date of incorporation, which was 1970. However, we have the proof that Jands actually began to operate as an organisation earlier than this!

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Vale Bruce Jackson

Portrait of Bruce Jackson

Vale Bruce Jackson

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Bruce Jackson, one of the two founders of Jands. Bruce will be sorely missed by his many friends around the world, and by those of us at Jands. Our heartfelt condolences to Bruce’s family and to all who knew him, worked with him and appreciated his immense contribution to the audio industry.

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Jands Celebrates 40 Years

Looking Back At Those Who Helped Mould Jands

This year (2010) Jands Pty Ltd celebrates its 40th Anniversary. Along with the industry, Jands has come an incredibly long way in the past 40 years, continually updating and improving Jands products and our imported product lines.


Robert Young, Executive Director of Jands, writes about the people who have been a major part of Jands over the past 40 years.

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Vale Jands Hog

December sees the last Jands Hog 1000 sold & discontinued

Recently, the last Jands Hog 1000 was sold and the product line discontinued, closing the book on one of the lighting industry’s most popular, loved and iconic consoles. Today we recall its development, evolution and impact in the industry since the release of the first Jands Hog back in 1994.

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The Tale Of How The Jands Export Business Started

Jands enters the export market in 1988

The 80’s was a golden era for Australian manufacturers. Protected by high tariffs against international competition, companies like Jands could sell most of what they built. By the mid 80’s Australia was committed to lowering tariffs and Australian manufacturers had to compete internationally or close up shop. Jands decided to get out of the manufacture of audio products and concentrate on lighting consoles and developed what we hoped would be our first international product, the ESP 24 lighting console.

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The Day I Counted A Million Bucks In Small Notes

The accountant’s account of Narara 1983

OK, OK, OK! So we all read in the last issue of Backstage about the unforgettable Rock Isle (Mulwala) Festival in 1972 and the excitement of being part of the early music movement, aluminium brief cases, tight jeans and big belt buckles. But what about all the forgotten people in the industry?...I relay a festival story only for “Bean Counters”…the accountant’s account of Narara 1983.

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Old Jands Dealer Sign Emerges To See The Light Of Day Again

Jands Dealer Signs

Here is a photo of Tim Carlyle from Sound Solution in Lismore holding a very old (maybe 1970s or 80s) Jands Dealer sign. It’s pretty obvious from this that Sound Solution has been a dealer of Jands for quite some time now. Thank you Sound Solution for preserving this iconic peace of Jands history. We are pleased to say that this sign will be making its way back to the Jands Head Office and will be added to our collection of memorabilia on display.

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The Unforgettable Rock Isle (Mulwala) Festival 1972

Memorable for all the wrong reasons

Jands first entered the PA business in a serious way (if you can call it that these days) when we contracted to provide the PA system for a 2 day festival outside Newcastle in 1970, where it was agreed the sound from the PA was the best ever heard in Australia. As the only game in town at that time, Jands quickly found themselves providing sound reinforcement systems for the various festivals that were being announced around Australia in the early 1970s. One of the most memorable (for all the wrong reasons) was the Mulwala Festival.

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The Rock Show Sound System

Electronics Today International – April 1977

This article was published in Electronics Today International – April 1977. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see what made a good ‘state of the art’ sound system at the time? Howard Page of Jands describes the equipment used in presenting artists like Rod Stewart and Abba to Australian crowds exceeding 30,000. The ‘Jands No.1 Touring System’ weighed 28 tonnes and delivered a power output of 24,000 watts rms.

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Company Timeline

Over 40 Years of Unforgettable Memories

Full of little stories and ‘old school’ photos of Jands, its people, and the milestones that have been achieved. It’s a great history, and one which many people in the industry have been a part of with us. HAPPY REMINISCING!

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How Did Jands Get Its Name?

Here's a little known fact for you

After consistent complaints from concerned citizens throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area the authorities were moved to action, dragged out their radio frequency directional finder and homed in on, and raided Vaucluse Boys High School. Little did two of the founders of one of a few Australian pirate radio stations know that they had constructed the perfect antenna and rather than broadcast to their school mates in the Eastern Suburbs they could be heard all over Sydney.

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