How Did Jands Get Its Name?

How Did Jands Get Its Name?

Jands_TrademarkStory by Paul Mulholland - Jands Owner & Managing Director

Here’s a little known fact for you.

After consistent complaints from concerned citizens throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area the authorities were moved to action, dragged out their radio frequency directional finder and homed in on, and raided Vaucluse Boys High School. Little did two of the founders of one of a few Australian pirate radio stations know that they had constructed the perfect antenna and rather than broadcast to their school mates in the Eastern Suburbs they could be heard all over Sydney.

After much intervention from parents and school principals the boys were let off with a warning and two of the organisers, Bruce Jackson and Phillip Story turned their creative attention to the formation of J&S Research Electronics. Soon after forming their partnership Jackson and Story meet with Roger Foley owner of LSD Fog (Australia’s largest psychedelic lighting company of the time) and were contracted to design and manufacture pyschodelic lighting effects. Foley being a lazy man by nature refused to spend the time writing cheques out to J and S Research Electronics and simply wrote JandS and said “if you want your money change your name”. With such an unceremonious beginning JANDS was born.

Approximately four years later Jands were manufacturing a range of lighting and audio products selling these products around Sydney and operating a rental division in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Meanwhile on the North Shore, the Mulholland and Robinson brothers had formed a small lighting rental company catering for the party and dance needs north of Sydney Harbour. Needless to say the two companies came in contact with each other, cross hiring and purchasing equipment. When Jackson and Story advised their intention to go their own ways, the Mulholland and Robinson’s purchased Jands, and merged their company into Jands. With the purchase of Jands came Robert Young, a fledgling student putting himself through a Bachelor of Economics degree at Sydney University by manufacturing speaker boxes under subcontract in his spare time.

The 5 man staff at Jands now consisted of 2 Mulholland’s, 2 Robinson’s and Robert Young. A great friendship and business reliance built up between the parties in these early days. One of the most vivid memories is sitting in total darkness under a wood working bench in the Redfern factory at 10:30pm at night behind steel security gates as the pubs closed and the typical Redfern drinker went looking for more entertainment…

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