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Craig Abbott On Live Mixing

Craig Abbott on Concert Mixing

March 2012

Craig Abbott from Jands has mixed a wide range of local and international acts from Noiseworks to George Michael. Australian Musician investigates the world of major concert sound.

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Shure Renews Parnership with NIDA

NIDA Building

April 2010

Jands is pleased to announce that Shure have renewed a partnership agreement with NIDA. NIDA will be using a quantity of Shure equipment in their teaching facility and for staging requirements. Jands will also be providing ongoing support throughout the year with further information about Shure products. Shure’s aim is to educate the future leaders in the industry, from both the performers’ perspective and the technicians at NIDA.

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The Presets & Jands Go Back A Long Way

The Presets

April 2009

The relationship between Jands/Shure and The Presets began in July 2006 when the boys signed contracts for a Shure microphone endorsement in a small coffee shop in Surry Hills. We believed they were awesome from the beginning and were really pleased when they agreed to endorse Shure microphones for us. As they have gone on to become even more popular worldwide, this year we extended the relationship to Shure in the US.

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Interview With Eddie Welsh

Eddie Welsh

June 2011

Meet Eddie Welsh. Eddie has joined Jands as the Lighting Applications Engineer within the Technical Resource Group (TRG).


Read on as we get to know him a little better in this interview.

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Technical Resource Group

Jands TRG

March 2014

The Jands Technical Resource Group (TRG) provides technical and application support, project design and training for all audio and lighting products distributed and manufactured by Jands.


So who are we, what do we do and what are our backgrounds?

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Interview With Peter Twartz

Peter Twartz

October 2009

We talk to Peter Twartz, Supply Chain Manager at Jands Pty Ltd, about his experiences working in the industry. Peter has been a part of the Jands team for over 20 years, has a wealth of experience working at high profile events such as the Sydney 2000 Olympics Opening Ceremony and has first hand witnessed the changes undergone in our industry.

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The Who's Who of the Customer Support Crew

Jands CST

May 2014

One of the joys of life is finally putting a face to a name after having had a telephonic relationship with a person. Every day the Jands Customer Support Team fields hundreds of calls from all walks of life. Whatever your needs, if you call Jands for assistance chances are you’ll be put right through to the Customer Support Team (CST).


So who are we, what do we do and what are our backgrounds?

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JBL VerTec Provides Sound Relief

Sound Relief

April 2009

On Saturday 14th March this year the Sydney Sound Relief charity concert was held at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Jands Production Services were honoured and proud to be a part of the team involved in putting on this life changing event. A JBL VerTec PA system was chosen comprising of 54 x JBL VerTec 4889, 24 x JBL VerTec 4888 and 64 x JPS JBL 18" Sub Bass.

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Interview With Greg Rosman

Greg Rosman

April 2009

We talk to Greg Rosman, Senior Sound Engineer, Designer and Consultant for Jands Production Services (JPS), about his experiences in the industry. Having toured the world for many years as a freelance engineer for acts such as Robert Palmer and having worked for JPS since the late 70s, Greg has a lot of stories to tell.

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