The Presets & Jands Go Back A Long Way

The Presets & Jands Go Back A Long Way


The relationship between Jands/Shure and The Presets began in July 2006 when the boys signed contracts for a Shure microphone endorsement in a small coffee shop in Surry Hills. We believed they were awesome from the beginning and were really pleased when they agreed to endorse Shure microphones for us.

As they have gone on to become even more popular worldwide, this year we extended the relationship to Shure in the US. This means they are globally represented by Shure, appearing on's website and in On Tour With Shure magazine (Shure’s very own magazine) which goes out to 45,000 readers around the world.

The Presets have just concluded a tour of the US with Shure USA right behind them issuing press releases with tour dates etc. This extended relationship further benefits the band and of course it’s great for Shure!

Having had a brilliant year after the release of Apocolypso (winning Best Band 2008 and ARIA Record of the Year) the band will do their last tour in Australia for the year in May/June before returning to the studio.

Interview with the Presets

  1. How long have you been using the Shure in ear monitor systems? Do you both use them?
    “We've both been using them for a couple of years now.”

  2. How does it compare to when you were playing with just on stage monitors alone?
    “So much better. Firstly, I don't go deaf anymore. The earphones protect my ears from the live drums on stage. Secondly, I can get a much clearer monitor mix in earphones than I ever did in a wedge. And finally, I don't have to scream any more to hear my voice. The monitor guy can turn it up as loud as I want without having to worry about feedback from on stage wedges.”

  3. Are you happy with the sound of the Beta 58 on the vocals? Have you tried any other live mics?
    “I've never really tried any other live mics. Beta 58s have always been such a standard at live venues, and now I have my own I always use them on the road.”

  4. What other Shure microphones do you use live and where?
    “Kim uses a complete Shure drum mic kit on his drums for live shows.”

  5. Do you use a different microphone for home studio recordings?
    “I used to sing into an AKG 414. After 3 years of touring, I got so used to singing into a 58 on stage I ended up using that for all my vocals for the record. It was nice to be able to actually hold the mic in my hand and rock out in the studio, especially for songs like My People. I made sure I always put it through a top quality pre-amp, compressor and EQ.”

  6. Do you own a pair of Shure personal isolation earphones? If so, how do you find the sound?
    “Yeah, I use E5's on stage. They are perfect for live monitors. I also have a pair of E2's for my ipod. They are great for the plane or when I go running.”

  7. Have you done any shows with Daft Punk before? Are you fans of theirs?  Are you looking forward to the upcoming gigs with them?
    “Kim and I have always been fans of Daft Punk - but that is like a cliché now. I can't think of an electronic musician that hasn't been inspired by them, such is their footprint on dance music. We'd never played with them before, and the Oz tour we did with them was fantastic.”

  8. You guys have over a million hits on your my space site, that’s pretty incredible for an Aussie band, or any band for that matter. Are your live gigs reflective of your growing popularity?
    “Our live gig's have pretty much stayed exactly the same for the past 5 years - we have always had a lot of fun and tried to be as energetic and as party as we can - even when we were playing to 20 people. The only thing that has really gotten bigger is the audience!”

  9. Do you enjoy writing your own new material as much as doing remixes of other peoples songs?
    “We way prefer doing our own music. We're actually slowing down with the remixes. We figure we would rather spend 2 days in the studio creating our own material these days.”


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