BSS Audio Signal Processors Training


BSS Audio Signal Processors Training (HiQnet Audio Architect/BSS Soundweb)

Introducing the updated curriculum for HiQnet Audio Architect and BSS Audio Soundweb London training. 

During the course you’ll experience dynamic, rich and in-depth training direct from the application engineers who support the products every day. While BSS and Crown devices are primarily used during class as a basis for examples, this course covers Audio Architect concepts common to products from all HARMAN brands within Audio Architect.

The course also covers basic, intermediate and advanced programming concepts for Soundweb London within Audio Architect.

Students seeking official training and certification for HiQnet Audio Architect and BSS Audio Soundweb London simply need to follow the below steps:

Certification Steps

Step 1.   Complete the following Core Competency modules

  • CC101 – Audio Essentials
  • CC104 – Networking Essentials
  • CC105 – PC Essentials

Step 2.  Complete the BSS / Harman Audio Architect training modules

  • AP101, AP102, AP103, AP104, AP105, AP106, AP107

Step 3.  Register and Attend (Optional) Classroom Courses (Jands offer both AP132 and AP232 on consecutive days)

  • AP132 – Associate Level Classroom Course (Intro to HiQnet Audio Architect)
  • AP232 – Professional Level Classroom Course (Audio Programming with BSS Soundweb London)

Step 4.  Pass online exam for Associate Level

  • AP160 – Associate Level Online Exam

Step 5.  Pass online exams for Professional Level

  • AP260 – Professional Level Online Exam
  • AP261 – Professional Level Practical Exam


Presenter: Scott Harrison, Technical Representative (Commercial Audio), TRG

Scott Harrison

Bio: Scott Harrison brings more than 12 years' experience in the audio industry, including senior engineering and systems engineer roles in major productions such as Carols in the Domain, Australia Day Celebrations, and many product launches, awards shows, festivals, touring shows and everything in between. Scott holds a degree in Computer Engineering, which combined with his past experience in the commercial IT world, provides a unique combination of expertise and experience perfectly suited to modern audio DSP and IP-based solutions.

Course Dates

Remaining course dates for 2017 are as follows:

Sydney – Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th November 2017 

Please note this is a two day training course. Registrations close one week prior to the training commencement date or when class numbers are full, which ever comes first. 


To register for BSS Training via Harman University and to complete the online modules please visit the following web page:



More Information

If you require additional information or have any questions please get in touch with us via email: 

Each student enrolled in PROFESSIONAL level certification training (in-class) must bring along a laptop PC running 64-bit version of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 only (no support for Windows 8.0), 8GB RAM, a functioning Ethernet port and external mouse. 

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