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Shure Artist Profile: Ecca Vandal

It all started with the microphone that launched a million careers, the Shure SM58, soon graduating to a Beta58. “The Shure 58s are a staple, they’re such a reliable mic,” says Ecca. “I’m a bit rowdy on stage, so sometimes the mic can go flying, but they survive and they’re still steady and great. I’ve had my Beta58 for years and years. It travels around everywhere with me, and it would take a lot of convincing for me to go to a different mic in a live context.”

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Jands and Ampetronic: Making Projects Simpler

You will be aware that we started distributing Ampetronic products on 1 June 2015. Together, The unbeatable combination of Jands and Ampetronic will deliver a fresh approach to design, guidance and quotation support to provide a comprehensive service to our clients that is FREE for standard projects, always fast and simple to understand...

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