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Angus and Julia use the following Shure Products:

Shure PSM900 The PSM®900 Wireless Personal Monitor System from Shure offers an unprecedented combination of superb audio quality, robust RF performance, and category-leading features for the most demanding professional applications. All new, patent-pending CueMode allows the sound engineer to monitor different stage mixes with the touch of a button.
Shure KSM9 Premium vocal condenser microphone that captures vocal subtlety with extraordinary detail. Supercardioid and Cardioid, Condenser.
Shure Beta 52A Optimized for low-frequency bass punch and high-power SPL handling, the Beta 52A's supercardioid design provides maximum isolation from other onstage sounds. Designed specifically for kick drum and other bass instruments. Supercardioid, Dynamic.

Shure Beta98D/S

The Beta 98, designed for toms, snares and percussion instruments, is perfect for sound reinforcement and recording. Its flexible gooseneck lets you position the microphone in practically any configuration.
Shure KSM32SL  A side-address, cardioid condenser microphone for highly critical studio recording and live sound productions. It offers an extended frequency response for an open, natural sounding reproduction of the original sound source.  
Shure SM87A  Leading the field for studio-quality sound in live performance, the Beta 87A has a smooth, tailored response for warm, accurate sound. Its supercardioid design provides maximum isolation from nearby vocalists or instruments. Supercardioid, Condenser. 
Shure SM81LC  The Shure Model SM81 is a high-quality, unidirectional condenser microphone designed for studio recording, broadcasting, and sound reinforcement. Its wide frequency response, low noise characteristics, and low RF susceptibility have made it a standard for applications involving acoustic instruments, especially guitar, piano, and cymbals. 

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Angus & Julia Stone Choose Shure Microphones

Earlier this year Angus & Julia Stone, the brother-sister duo from Newport on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, released their self-produced album "Down the Way" which debuted at No.1 in the Australian charts. It has since reached platinum status and is so far the highest selling Australian Artist album for 2010.

The pair have completed their first world wide tour with all dates selling out and the remainder of 2010 sees the siblings travelling around the world for festivals and a second world wide tour. Accompanying them on their journeys will be a variety of Shure microphones all tenderly cared for by their regular monitor engineer Luke Mulligan.

Luke has always favoured Shure products and has used them extensively with other Australian acts such as The Cat Empire and The Beautiful Girls.

”Shure is always my first choice of microphone,” he stated. “Both Angus and Julia use the Shure KSM9 vocal microphones. The KSM9 is a premium vocal condenser microphone and I love them. They suit the band very well because the show ranges from quiet whispering to really loud singing. Their dynamic range is incredible and the KSM9 capsule handles all of those dynamic changes really well. It’s a very detailed microphone and sounds amazing with in-ear monitoring.”

Angus & Julia themselves readily admit that they feel inadequately equipped to really give any truthful words on the technical side of the microphones.

"All I know is that the people with whom we work, and love and respect as artists, love the Shure microphones and in-ear monitors,” said Angus. “We work with really great sound engineers - Adam Rhodes on front of house and Luke Mulligan on monitors. They have an incredible ability to create great live mixes and use instruments of amplification, like the Shure microphones, to great effect. All I know is that if they are happy, then I can feel safe knowing that we are using the best quality gear that they feel is getting the best sound for us. They both know our voices really well and they have told us that mixing the voices through the Shure microphones sounds great.”

The band’s last tour saw them using in-ear monitors for the first time. In this case it was the Shure PSM 600 personal monitoring system however for their upcoming tour the band will be using PSM 900 systems.

”It was a bit scary for them at first,” commented Luke. “However, the in-ears have really helped with Angus and Julia’s pitching and also the harmonising between them. Obviously we were able to reduce the stage level considerably, which always cleans the front of house mix up.”

“We had a good time with them,” added Angus. “We were certainly more comfortable with hearing ourselves through our ears. I suppose after making another record and spending more time in the studio it felt much more familiar to have sound projected so closely into the ear drum. I think we also knew a little bit more about what to ask for in our mixes and how to find the right levels.

”For the larger shows, like festivals, the use of the in ears is really helpful with overcoming the ambient noise of the festival; the low rumble of bass from all over the place plus other stages, and the hum of masses of people. We can hear ourselves clearly without having to push our voices to be heard which means we can sing the songs the way our voices are comfortable singing. Also, if we’re playing a really dry room where the front of house is separate from the monitors and there isn’t much natural reverb, I really enjoy the in ears as they can make a dry room sound really warm and ambient.”

The Shure package also includes BETA 91 and BETA 52A microphones for the bass drum, BETA 98’s on all of the toms, SM57’s on the snare as well as a BETA 91 and two BETA 98’s in the grand piano.

”I’m also using KSM32’s; mixing them up on guitar amps, overheads and ambient mics, depending on the room” remarked Luke. “I love the KSM32 as it’s so easy to use, durable and sounds great. I have KSM137’s for hats and SM87A’s for the backing vocals. The SM87 is a really impressive microphone – it fits the band for backing vocals due to its highly directional supercardioid pickup pattern and also sounds smooth, warm and accurate. I also love the BETA 91 in the kick drum, it’s a microphone that just seems to work for me in every situation and I can always get what I want out of it.”


Having spent the last two years touring the world in support of their critically acclaimed debut – A Book Like This – Angus and Julia Stone return with their eagerly anticipated sophomore release Down The Way

On Down The Way they make their debut as producers, and develop their sound without losing the spirit of their debut. There’s been a subtle shift in gear, evidence of a growing confidence - the music gravitates from sparse to rich and textured arrangements yet never loses its etherealness and charm.

Travelling has been an integral part of the Stone’s musical story so it’s not surprising they opted to record in a number of diverse locations around the globe -  an old sawmill on the river banks of Fowey, Cornwall,  a studio in Brooklyn, a water tank in Coolangatta,  their second home - London - and Queens in New York.

Once again the duo share song-writing duties – their individual styles juxtaposing yet complimenting the other. Themes of lost love and yearning weave through Down The Way, which opens with the epic and rich tapestry of Hold On.

Elsewhere touches of piano and understated fingerpicking guitar light up the darkness of the sound - For You - and forthcoming single Big Jet Plane sees Angus’s rustic tones rolling atop a dreamy string arrangement. Draw Your Swords – a six-minute work out building to an unrestrained crescendo; Devil’s Tears – gentle piano and sweet acoustic guitars – wrapping up the album.  

On Down The Way, Angus and Julia showcase thirteen lovingly crafted songs reflecting a myriad of emotions. Another graceful step on a remarkable musical journey.

Over the course of the last three years the duo have ventured everywhere from the Scottish Highlands to the heart of the USA. This tireless touring has expanded their audience with Myspace plays now exceeding five million. With a worldwide tour kicking off in their native Australia in March the siblings are set to continue to win yet more hearts across the globe in 2010.   

The first single from the record, And The Boys, was co-produced by the siblings and Brad Albetta (Martha Wainwright) and the album ‘Down the Way’ is set for worldwide release in March.

Adam Rhodes on Shure's Beta 181

When I was introduced to the Shure Beta 181 in 2012. A visually attractive, side address, small diaphragm condenser microphone.  Since this unexpected meeting I have had felt myself falling more and more in love with this beautiful microphone.

It has performed well in many different settings. With Angus & Julia Stone’s live shows, I have been using it on Angus’ guitar amp. I am impressed with the richness and subtleties I am getting, whilst still rejecting the drums less than one meter away.

It has even changed the way I approach things. I positioned the Shure Beta 181 as a hi hat, hand percussion overhead with Angus Stone’s solo show and have and now adopted this technique permanently.

In the studio with a pair of 181’s setup in an X-Y position, I could not have been happier with the honesty of the recording. On one project I had to overdub all acoustic instruments because of space restriction. Unlike other microphones where you hear a sameness about everything they record, the 181 was possibly one of the most invisible microphones I have ever used.

I have only experienced the Beta 181/C cardioid capsule but I’m very much looking to meeting the rest of the Beta 181 family.

Adam Rhodes
FOH Angus & Julia Stone

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