Jands is pleased to announce that Shure have renewed a partnership agreement with NIDA.

NIDA-BuildingNIDA will be using a quantity of Shure equipment in their teaching facility and for staging requirements. NIDA have already used the MX202 chorus mics for three productions, along with various UL series wireless gear. Shure’s receivers, belt pack transmitters, wireless mics and antenna distribution systems will greatly assist the NIDA productions and students. NIDA also use the MX conference mic for tutorials and presentations, as well as the PG USB mics for on the spot recordings and for the Production and Design students. Shure also introduced NIDA to the SRH 440 headphones, which have found a happy home in the sound studio and multimedia lab.

Jands will also be providing ongoing support throughout the year with further information about Shure products.

Shure’s aim is to educate the future leaders in the industry, from both the performers’ perspective and the technicians at NIDA.

“The extraordinary success of NIDA graduates has been intrinsically linked to the high standard of training, however, it is increasingly difficult to keep pace with technological change.  Shure (and Jands) have generously supported NIDA for many years, allowing access to the highest standard of equipment and microphones. This support has allowed NIDA to be at the cutting edge, and remain an internationally recognised centre of training excellence.  Events and productions are enhanced exponentially because of SHURE’s generous support. NIDA is grateful for and proud of its ongoing partnership with SHURE.” Sheena Duncan, Head of Philanthropy and Events at NIDA

“On a personal level and as a self confessed microphone ‘nut’, I feel our partnership with Shure is a great step forward for NIDA and hope we can continue this valued relationship well into the future.” Felix Kulakowski, NIDA AV Supervisor


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