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Pete Murray uses the following Shure Products:

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From unlikely career beginnings, Pete Murray has become one of Australia's most popular contemporary singer/songwriters.

When a serious knee injury halted a promising Rugby career, Pete turned to songwriting. From humble beginnings of selling CDs out of the back of his Kombie van, he has now sold over a million albums in a country of only 20 million people, and songs like 'So Beautiful', 'Opportunity' & 'Better Days' have become bona fide Aussie classics.

His live shows are the backbone of his career both in his homeland and in continental Europe where he has carved a niche through constant touring and some memorable festival appearances. More recently Pete has taken on North & South America to hugely receptive audiences.

His fourth album - BLUE SKY BLUE - has received the best reviews of his career to date. A top 5 hit Downunder, it has also yielded the huge Aussie radio hits 'Always A Winner' and 'Free'.

BLUE SKY BLUE marks a time of significant change for Pete Murray, both musically and personally.

I let myself be open to whatever came as a writer, and there is certainly personal experience in there, says Pete. I wanted it to be emotional but not heavy, to let those emotions float rather than sink. My intent was always to be positive.

Pete worked with a Producer for the first time - Tom Rothrock (Beck, Elliott Smith, Foo Fighters and Badly Drawn Boy), recorded in L.A. for the first time and even played with a brand new band. The sensitive acoustic driven sounds of his previous records gave way to a more electrified and groove based aesthetic. The result is a refreshingly positive album that constantly looks at the possibilities of a new beginning.

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