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Analogue TV Shutdown Started


July 2010

Analogue television screens went black in Mildura on Wednesday the 30th June, as the Victorian city became the first in Australia to flick the switch on the aging TV network, ushering in the digital-only era.

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Radio Breaks a Porsche

May 2010

Here at Jands we put a lot of resources into standards compliance, particularly Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) compliance which involves extensive testing and potentially re-design should a product fail to meet the mandated standards.


It’s easy to become cynical of such regulatory structures, which can at times feel like a unnecessary administrative burden, but occasionally you hear of stories that reinforce why such standards exists.


An interesting story recently caught our attention.

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95% of all Email Traffic is Spam!

February 2010

In Europe The EU ‘cyber security’ Agency recently presented its 3rd ‘spam report. The report looks at spam budgets, impact of spam and spam management. No significant progress is reported in the fight against spam.


The survey targeted email service providers of different types and sizes, and received replies from 100 respondents from 30 different countries, throughout the EU (26 /27 EU Member States); and 80 million mailboxes managed. The survey analyses how e-mail service providers combat spam in their networks, and identifies the state of art in the fight against spam.

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How Records Were Made

January 2010

I found this little gem while killing time on the web over Christmas. It’s a 24 minute movie made by RCA back in 1956, documenting the recording and manufacture process of phonograph records.

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Space Shuttles For Sale

January 2010

Space shuttle for sale, fully loaded, air conditioning, one careful owner. It's the ultimate bargain. NASA has cut the price of a space shuttle to $28.8 million. The vehicles will go on sale after they finish constructing the International Space Station, scheduled to be later this year.

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ETC Gives Back


April 2011

ETC has enjoyed a long and personal relationship with Australia. A number of ETC staff has family and friends living in Australia. So unsurprisingly the news of the devastating floods and Cyclone Yasi in Australia quickly spread throughout the organisation. ETC’s management announced on 25th January the establishment of a disaster relief fund to which staff could donate with the company’s owners matching the total of staff contributions dollar for dollar.

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