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Ampetronic Introduce Loopworks at Integrate 2015


After 15 years supporting the growth of Assistive Listening Technologies in Australia, global market leader Ampetronic has joined forces with Jands Pty Ltd, Australia’s leading audio, lighting and staging supplier, to create the largest and most experienced advice, support and system design team in the industry. 

Ampetronic’s products, support and system design services are regarded as the best in the industry by some margin and the full service approach to sales, shared by Jands, will provide clients with unbeatable quality, confidence and dependability. Together, Ampetronic and Jands will deliver a fresh approach to Hearing Loop design, guidance and quotation support to provide a comprehensive service that is FREE (for a standard project), fast and simple to understand.

Established in 1987, Ampetronic has specialised in the field of Induction Loop Systems and Technologies for the past 25 years. Gaining a reputation as a market innovator, Ampetronic has brought key new technologies to the market including: current drive, CAD system modelling, phased array systems, measurement systems, software analysis and most recently Loopworks Measure, the pioneering new test and measurement solution.

Ampetronic’s range of Loopworks™ products have been designed to enhance its existing, core support services. The recently launched Loopworks Measure combines an iOS App and Receiver that together become the most accurate, dedicated field strength meter (FSM) available. Loopworks Measure is supported by a suite of online tools for learning about Hearing Loops, connecting with Ampetronic, Jands and colleagues, designing loops and analysing measurement data captured by the App and Receiver. 

Ampetronic’s Marketing and Communications Manager Alistair Knight commented: “Loopworks will really enhance the way our customers specify and measure the performance of their loop systems against the International Standard. It will also make it much easier for us and Jands to support customers directly.”

To find out more about the Loopworks™ range, how to order your Loopworks Measure Receiver and download the iOS App, visit the Ampetronic's Loopworks™ Page

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