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A spotlight on the ROBE BMFL range

Robe lighting is a Czech company who have built their name as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of lighting products. The key to their success has been working closely with end users to continually develop and improve their offerings. As such, they produce some simply incredible lighting solutions, and their dedication to quality is what has put their products on stages and in TV studios across the globe.

The BMFL range is their flagship line, and those who use them will never look back. Jands is a proud supplier of Robe lighting, and today we want to talk about a few of the BMFL ranges most popular fixtures.

BMFL WashBeam

The WashBeam is the top dog of the BMFL range, and for good reason. The 180mm wide front lens supports an extremely bright output (300,000 lx at five metres, 1700 W). The colour range is amazing, but it's the features that bring home what a versatile beast the WashBeam is.

A rotating gobo wheel allows a great deal of combinations for animation, but the WashBeam works just as well for spot-like projections. There are four fast shutter blades which can create precise angled positions in any given frame. The WashBeam has interchangeable frost filters, and boasts up to 55 degrees of zoom. See its capabilities for yourself below:


The Spot is the master of subtle special effects, with two rotating gobo wheels (six positions each), two rotating prisms, and dual graphic wheels which focus within the same focal plane yet can be individually controlled. There are frosting and dimmer functions as well, which provide even further options for minute manipulation of effects to a truly astounding result.

Producing 250,000 lx at five metres with 1700 W pushing it, the output is astounding. Despite the power and the multitude of features, the Spot features a compact body profile and weighs only 36kg. Check out what the BMFL spot can do:

BMFL FollowSpot

The BMFL FollowSpot is based on the WashBeam, but created for follow spot applications, as the name suggests. Robe's FollowSpot has been specifically designed to allow manual operation from lighting technicians as well as programmable, motorised movement. The FollowSpot features Robe's new RoboSpot base station to allow remote operation. With a 160mm front lens, up to 45 degrees of zoom, and the same power output as the BMFL Spot, the FollowSpot is an amazing lighting tool.

For more information on the BMFL range, get in contact with Jands today.

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