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ETC ColorSource - Finding a Colour Balance with Deep Blue

ETC ColorSource - Finding a Colour Balance with Deep Blue


ETC introduce even more colour to the ColorSource range.

Using their extensive experience from years of developing the Source Four LED engine ETC have recently developed the ColorSource range for those who desire quality but have a constrictive budget. Now they have introduced the Deep Blue array for the ColorSource Spot and Par. The obvious difference between the ColorSource array and other LED products is its lime green emitter, this, coupled with red, green and blue allows it to achieve a bright white light output as well as a vibrant colour mix. The new Deep Blue array replaces the blue LEDs with a deeper ‘Royal Blue’ (indigo) LED. This gives the user a richer colour palette to choose from. (See image).

ColorSource has a generic IRGBS structure using 5 channels for simple control on any lighting platform. It also includes on board controls for those times you don’t have a console. All the accessories used in the Source Four range including lenses, gobo holders, irises, top hats are fully compatible with the ColorSource Spot, as well as the Fresnel, Zoom or Cyc wash lenses used in the Source Four LED System.  

Whether you choose the Original or new Deep Blue engine, both will produce consistent colour output across an entire rig from the start of the tour until the end, even if a new one needs to be introduced. You can also rest easy with the knowledge that any new fixture with a ColorSource LED engine will match older ones with the same array in colour and output. This goes a long way towards helping you maintain the integrity of any show without stressful replotting just before the house is opened.

ETC have improved on the already popular ColorSource engine with the Deep Blue array. So for those who continue to believe quality lighting is not possible with current LED technology please contact Jands to arrange a demonstration of the comprehensive ColorSource range.

ColorSource Deep Blue

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