Ampetronic Solutions Now Available from Jands

Ampetronic Solutions Now Available from Jands


In the past month, a lot has happened for both Jands and Ampetronic; namely Jands has become the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Ampetronic. For those of you that don’t know, Ampetronic is the world leader of producing cutting edge technology for the assistive listening solutions. Hopefully this article will be able to go over just a few of these solutions with you, so you can get a better understanding of just how Ampetronic are a solution based system, not just products in a box!

Unfortunately, we would both be here for an hour reading about the diverse portfolio of solution systems on offer from Ampetronic, which is why we are going to condense the solutions to three distinct levels: the CLD1/HLS group used in small installations such as a ticket counter; the ILD induction loop used for small to medium sized solutions where space is at a premium; and then you have the top echelon MLD9 multi-loop solution which could theoretically cover an area up to 3300m2. 

Before we even get started, it is extremely important to note that an integral part of the range is the loop cable. Jands stock flat copper tape for installation under carpets and other floor coverings, and can provide recommendations on direct burial and other cable types appropriate for installation.

The Compact Loop Driver, CLD1, is typically used for small coverage areas, or driving a counter-loop suitable for use in retail spaces, information kiosks, reception desks, and/or taxis and private cars, to name a few. Additionally, with the CLD1 all connections are on a single face for easy installation, and includes two independent inputs (1 mic, 1 mic/line). The default system runs off a 12V DC plug-pack, but thanks to the ingenuity of Ampetronic there is also an AC model which has an integral power supply. Another great feature of the CLD1 is that it can be ordered as a complete kit with pre-formed counter loop and a microphone (either a boundary, tie clip, or desktop microphone). 

The Induction Loop Driver (ILD) Series are single channel loop drivers—available in both one rack unit and half rack unit systems —and have a similar feature set to that of the MLD series. The ILD100, for example, is a very compact unit (216x124x44mm) which is ideal for installations such as video conference rooms, nursing homes, receptions, waiting rooms, TV rooms, and even private homes, where Ampetronic MultiLoop™ Low Loss is not required. It is the only unit in Ampetronic range which comes equipped with twin RCA connectors for TV or hi-fi connections. The ILD system also has a built-in tone control, and VOX switching to prioritise the microphone 1 input. Where space is at a premium, Ampetronic also have a solution with the ILD300 and ILD122 that are half-rack unit devices.

The MLD series are one rack units with dual output loop drivers, utilising a high efficiency Class-G amplifier. They are the most space efficient loop drivers available, and include two mic/line inputs, an internally switchable 90° phase shift, and Automatic Gain Control (AGC). Not to mention metal loss correction, active loop error monitoring, and dual loop fault detection. All front-panel controls are recessed to avoid tampering.

Essential for testing and commissioning, Field Strength Meters (FSMs) are available, which are calibrated by Ampetronic and give essential indication on the required tests for compliance. It also includes a head phone output with volume to listen to the signal being supplied to the loop. Additionally, at InfoComm 2015 the new iPhone probe & App solution is being featured, which will supersede the FSMs as an easier and more adaptable system. 

And while these solutions are diverse and varied, it does not mean your solution needs to be constrained to these examples! It should also be mentioned that Ampetronic offers complete and custom solutions for transport and industrial applications. If you would like more information on how Jands and Ampetronic can help provide a complete and tailored solution regarding loop design and implementation, contact Jands today on 02 9582 0909!

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