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Audio Technology dbx 500 Series Review

November 2016

Audio Technology Magazine (Issue #118) review dbx's 500 Series modules.

dbx has packed its lunchbox with loads of character, including some miniature reprises of classic designs.

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CX dbx DriveRack VENU360 Review

August 2016

CX Magazine (Issue #117) review dbx's DriveRack VENU360.

The latest incarnation of dbx's DriveRack line is all about more; more processing, more options, more support, more control.

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Audio Technology dbx 580 Microphone Preamp Review

September 2016

Audio Technology Magazine (Issue #117) review dbx's 580 Microphone Preamp.

dbx managed to pack loads of control onto a 500 series front panel without it getting overwhelming. What's more, the 580 preamp's sound is as clean as it looks.

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Mixdown dbx 500 Series Modules Review

June 2016

Mixdown Magazine (Issue #266) review dbx's 500 Series Modules.

Incorporating technology from their highly regarded 900 series and some new twists they're suitable for live, studio and bufgets of all levels.

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Mixdown dbx goRack Review

January 2016

Mixdown Magazine review dbx's goRack.

If quality live audio at the press of a button is more your idea of a good time, then the dbx goRack is going to be right up your alley. Derived from the now legendary DriveRack series of speaker processors, this handy and compact device packs a whole lot of goodness into one easy to use box.

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Australian Guitar dbx goRack Review

December 2015

Australian Guitar review dbx's goRack.

A tiny box packed full of useful sound-sculpting tools to bring the best out of a PA. It would suit solo musos or small bands, DJs, and someone wanting to spin tracks and make speeches at an event. It's no-nonsense, simple, and runs on 9V power.

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Mixdown dbx DriveRack PA+ Review

Mixdown October 2012

October 2012

Mixdown (Issue 222) review dbx's DriveRack PA+.


The dbx DriveRack is, without a doubt, one of the most invaluable tools you can have to make a PA system sound right in any room.

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CX Magazine dbx DriveRack PA2 Review

CX 93

June 2014

CX review dbx's DriveRack PA2.

DriveRack has long been the dbx answer to system control and processing. The DriveRack product line comprises seven models, and of these the PA2 is the newest.

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Mixdown dbx DriveRack PA2 Review

Mixdown Magazine April 2014

April 2014

Mixdown (Issue 240) review dbx's DriveRack PA2.


Anyone who has invested in their own PA system needs to pay attention to what I am about to tell you all. If you have spent your hard earned dollars on a mixer, amplifiers and speakers in order to have your own sound, you are really only half way there and missing a very important piece of the puzzle. That is where dbx steps in to solve the problem with the release of the all new DriveRack PA2, the latest generation of speaker management and PA tuning in one simple and easy to use unit.

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CX Magazine dbx Personal Monitor Control Review

CX 82

June 2013

CX review dbx's Personal Monitor Control System.

Personal monitoring systems have been around for a while now, so itís hardly a surprise that dbx, has come up with one of their own. The system as we reviewed it comprises the TR 1616 I/O box, and a number of PMC16 personal monitor controllers.

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Mixdown dbx dB10 Direct Box Review

Mixdown October 2012

October 2012

Mixdown (Issue 222) review dbx's dB10 Direct Box.


Just about every house PA system out there has some dbx product in the racks. You just can't go anywhere without coming across it in the live music world and that is because, quite frankly, it is good stuff.

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