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Audio Technology PCM Native Reverb Review

July 2010

Audio Technology review Lexicon's PCM Native Reverb. One of the undisputed kings of reverb has ported its know-how into the plug-in realm, and it's done so flawlessly.

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Mixdown LXP Native Reverb Bundle Review

Mixdown November 2011

November 2011

Mixdown review Lexicon's LXP Native Reverb Bundle.

Now, thanks to the LXP Native Reverb Bundle from Lexicon, you can have those classic reverb effects inside your computer for use on all your recordings without having to go and invest in rack gear.

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Audio Technology MPX Native Reverb Plug-In Review

Audio Technology November 2012

November 2012

Audio Technology review Lexicon's MPX Native Reverb Plug-In.

It's amazing that Lexicon has been able to hold off this long without releasing something like the MPX Native Reverb Plug-In. But perhaps wisely, they started from the top and worked their way down - with the PCM Native plug-ins predating the cheaper variants.

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Mixdown MPX Native Reverb Plug-In Review

Mixdown 216

April 2012

Mixdown review Lexicon's MPX Native Reverb Plug-In.

Lexicon have continued over the years to bring amazing sounding reverbs that appear on recording after recording, often the unsung hero that ties a sound together. Now, with more audio recording and production being done all within the computer, it only makes sense to take those great reverbs we all know and love and have the advantage of using them in a software format.

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