The choice supplier of professional audio products for over 40 years

Jands The Choice Supplier of Professional Audio Products for Over 40 Years

Your sound system is only as good as its weakest link. With this in mind, choosing audio equipment of equivalent performance in each area of the signal path is critical to overall system performance. Cutting a corner in just one part of your system can dramatically reduce expected performance, which could damage some components within your system and result in costly repairs.

At Jands, the brands we represent are world renowned for performance, reliability and industry acceptance. The diverse ranges of products available from these brands are designed to create virtually any type of audio system. From a small bar to a convention centre, a basic live performance rig to a full concert touring system, there are products in our stable for everyone.

Exceptional Product Support

Jands stand behind the product it sells. So, if you are in need of product support, we have a Technical Resource Group to assist you. If you happen to encounter a product fault, we have our own service department, backed up by service agents around the country to get you operational again as quickly as possible.

Our retail dealer network is trained to assist you with your purchase and guide you in the right direction in all aspects of audio equipment selection. Our authorised installation network has years of experience and training, allowing us to assist you with the design and installation of the most intricate of audio systems. Our rental network also has the knowledge and equipment to make any event you stage a memorable one.

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