No one knows lighting like we do

Jands have been designing, building and operating stage lighting equipment since we made our first dimmer in 1970. Since then, our products have become a standard feature of stage lighting systems in Australia and the world over. Whatever country you’re in, ask an industry professional about Jands stage lights and lighting products and you’ll get the same response: ‘reliable, good value, solid, dependable, go-anywhere do-anything, noise-free, and just better.’

But we don’t just offer our own stage lighting equipment. We’ve also identified the best products available from other manufacturers around the world. Whether you are after a control console or moving theatre lighting, a dimming solution or a power distribution system, an architectural package or a conventional fixture, Jands has the product to suit your application.

Expertise in Stage Lights That You Can Rely On

From live production to installation, and into studio and movie land, we have the expertise to assist. We pride ourselves on being the best in the professional theatre lighting business, employing fully qualified trainers, experienced technical support, and friendly sales staff to help you and your customers get the best out of our products. We also boast a top level service department and nationwide service agent network just in case a product needs to be looked at.

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