Lighting Control

Stage lighting control systems provide a critical interface between the designer/operator and the instruments that realise their vision on stage. As such, the choice of the right control system for your application combines elements of financial viability, technical capacity, operational style and a good deal of personal taste.

A scripted show that runs the same way for each performance may require a system that allows for complex and precise programming and storage of cue information, while the actual playback functionality is often as simple as a single button playback to trigger each cue in turn. For unscripted live events where operators need to pull stage looks together as the performance unfolds in front of them, a greater number of instantly accessible playback options will be required. Similarly, the incorporation of automated fixtures, LED sources and media servers into the modern stage lighting repertoire has done much to define the style of lighting control system required.

Matching the complexity of the lighting control console to the level of experience of the operators who will be using it is another fundamental part of the selection process. Having the world’s most sophisticated lighting console is of little benefit if the operators don’t have the skills required to utilise all the features it provides.

To address these diverse needs and preferences, we have assembled a comprehensive range of stage lighting control systems ranging from basic preset consoles through to complex memory platforms capable of running thousands of discrete control channels.

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