Field Plates, Wall & Stage Boxes

Field Plates:

These are pre punched plates designed to fit onto standard GPO (general power outlet) boxes. Wall plates are a must when fitting off custom installation work, allowing your termination points to be neat and tidy while fulfilling the customers need for flexibility in their system. They can be pre punched for XLR, Speakon, BNC, Data & DMX type connectors or can be custom ordered to your specifications.

Wall Boxes:

Wall boxes are the next level to using GPO boxes. Designed in different sizes to accommodate multiple field plates, connector configurations and cable runs, these are ideal when multiple remote input/output configurations are required at one location.

Stage Boxes:

Whether you need to build your own audio multicore or your fitting off a custom installation you will undoubtedly need a stage box. Pre punched to accept panel mount XLR type connectors stage boxes come in different sizes for many different stage applications.

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