Acoustic Banners

The need for multi purpose performance spaces is not new, however it is becoming more and more desirable. Solving the acoustic problems associated with providing the best acoustic environment for a performance from a symphony on one evening and a drama presentation from a reparatory company on the following evening is very difficult. Also, once a performance or public space has been completed and it is found that the acoustics are not relative to requirements, it is a very expensive exercise to make the required structural changes.

Practitioners have relied upon a number of different approaches. Flying solid objects in a prescribed cluster (the rings in the Sydney Opera House), drapes that open and close, and wall cladding that is capable of being removed or its angle relative to the room altered (Sydney Recital Hall) Another approach is now available in the form of the Acoustic Banner. This product fulfills the requirements of being as non intrusive aesthetically as possible while at the same time having an impact on the acoustic signature of the room.

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