Automated Seating Systems

Jands and GALA work together, to provide you with the best possible solution in automated Seating Systems technology.

GALA's seating risers comprise of individual rows of self-guided seating which uses the Spiralift mechanical lift column. An open floor area is transformed into level or inclined seating in a few minutes. GALA's pre-programmed seating risers provide the possibility of multiple configurations. Your venue can be designed to have straight rows or angled rows of seating. This system can be custom designed to fit any venue.

GALA's Seating System designs will allow you to create many different public assembly venues with a single facility, each customised to meet the changing requirements of your audience and event. GALA's seating technology can reconfigure an open auditorium, quickly and automatically with minimal staff, into stepped theatre seating at any elevation. The seating system can also increase your venue's seating capacity by taking advantage of pits and empty rows, proving to be an appropriate solution for theatres with limited budgets or those that need to meet occasional demands. This gives you the flexibility to book your facility for any performance or event, while even allowing for multiple events to be booked on the same day.

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