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Soundcraft Vi1 Console

Soundcraft Vi1 Digital Mixing ConsoleWith the Soundcraft Vi Series now firmly established as a firm favourite digital desk on both the touring, broadcast and installed sound scenes, Soundcraft have taken this amazing platform to another, more affordable level with the release of the Vi1 console.

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Soundcraft Vi2 Console

Soundcraft Vi2 Digital Mixing ConsoleThe Soundcraft Vi2 is equipped with one channel section of 8 input faders, and the master section which holds 12 faders. The Vi2 can handle as many inputs as a Vi4 or Vi6 (72 and 96 channels respectively) using the standard stagebox and local rack hardware, with access to 8 inputs at a time on the channel bay.

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Soundcraft Vi4 Console

Soundcraft Vi4 Digital Mixing ConsoleThe Soundcraft Vi4 model, offers all the functionality and facilities of the Soundcraft Vi6, but in a smaller, more compact footprint more suited for space-conscious applications.

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Soundcraft Vi6 Console

Soundcraft Vi6 Digital Mixing ConsoleNow firmly established on riders and in performance venues around the world, the Soundcraft Vi6™ has been acclaimed as one of the most ergonomic, user-friendly and best-sounding large format digital console around.

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