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Sky News, Australia and New Zealand's leading multi-platform 24-hour news supplier, has grown to become an essential part of the Australian media landscape. Sky News Australia features news on the hour, every hour and headlines every fifteen minutes.

Apart from the flagship news on the hour service, Sky News also produces a variety of half hour programs each week, including Agenda and Sportsline.

Australian News Channel, who owns and operate Sky News, recently invested in eight Shure SCM820 8-Channel Digital IntelliMix Automatic Mixers designed for use in speech applications including sound reinforcement, broadcasting, and recording. The SCM820 uses proprietary IntelliMix® technology to dramatically improve audio quality in any application where many channels of microphones need to operate simultaneously. Multiple I/O configurations and networking options ensure analog and digital connectivity between devices.

Rick Zecivic, Australian News Channel’s Director of Engineering & Technology, has found the Shure SCM820 easy to implement and configure, and it has certainly made his job a lot simpler.

“We recently automated our studio control for our national, business and weather channels, as well as our New Zealand prime news production,” he explained. “The automation system we installed is called Mosart and its software controls all of the hardware you require to be automated. We wanted an automated mixer to handle the levels of the microphones situated on the desks, rather than a person controlling a fader for each microphone.”

The Shure SCM820 automatically adjusts the level which is particularly useful on the Paul Murray talk show where there may be up to five panelists. Shure’s IntelliMix® technology delivers seamless activation of the best microphone for a particular talker, while attenuating microphones that are not being addressed. By minimising the number of open microphones, the SCM820 increases intelligibility and gain-before-feedback and reduces background noise.

“You can have everyone trying to talk at once but since we’ve switched to the SCM820, there is never any clipping if someone jumps in to talk when someone else is already talking,” Rick said. “Also, if someone is breathing heavily, the SCM820 automatically deals with that so you can’t hear it. The SCM820’s are undetectable, transparent in the system, working away in the background. It all works very well – they’ve cut out a lot of worry and work for a good price.”

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