Sky Racing

Sky Racing

Sky Racing is a world leader in multi-venue, multi-channel race broadcasting, telecasting more than 70,000 races each year to millions of viewers in Australia and around the globe.

skyracing2Their main premises are located in the Sydney suburb of Frenchs Forest where a brand new, multi-purpose control room has recently been constructed. The control room has been designed for magazine shows (basically a bunch of people talking about a race) with one, two or three head to camera, but it also acts as a back up control room for race day control rooms in case there is ever a failure.

Delivering the best quality for transmission to air, in production to make the best programming, or making light work of live studio events, Soundcraft mixers have been an integral part of the broadcast environment for many years. So it was no surprise that two Soundcraft Si1 digital live sound consoles were chosen for this installation, which were supplied by Soundcorp.

“The main attraction was its full DSP platform,” commented Hayden Marshall, Projects Engineer at Sky Racing. “It means we can recall pre-loaded shows quickly and we can turn around magazine shows really fast. Plus if we did have to do our race days from this control room we can just recall a set up and it’s all there ready to go.”

Hayden readily admits that he had a thorough look at other options in the audio console market but he soon realised that the Soundcraft Si1 was the easiest and most flexible digital console money can buy.

”The Si1 really is good value for money,” he remarked. “I particularly like the way that the VCA’s work on it as it means that you can set the console up to however the audio director likes it. Basically you can operate the console how you like rather than the console dictating to you how to operate. There’s more than one way to do most functions; by setting up the input bank or the output bank to do EQ, they both do the same thing.”

The Si1 has 32 mic inputs mapped on 16 faders, and with four dedicated Stereo Line channels, four dedicated FX Returns from the four stereo Lexicon FX processors can mix up to 48 inputs. With the Sky control room being a tad small the console’s very compact footprint of just 1200mm width was most welcome.

”It’s a nice, adaptable console for the audio directors so that they can perform a task how they want to perform it. And of course, the sound is great!”


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