Drapes & Tracking

Jands Chromakey Cloths

ChromakeyChromakey is recommended for use in areas such as TV and video production as it provides ideal colour saturation for keying effects.

What colour Chromakey should I use Blue or Green? Choose a colour that is not prominent in your subject. For example, if the subject has green clothing on, choose the Blue Chromakey Screen / Backdrop. If the subject has blue clothing, you would then choose the Green Chromakey Screen / Backdrop.

                                   Our range includes: Molton Chromakey and Chromakey Wool Serge.

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Jands Tracking & Hardware

Jands MP402 Curtain RunnerJands' Curtain Tracks range ("JH" Heavy Duty and "JT" Medium Duty) enables any studio to be equipped with a robust and long lasting tracking system. Utilising "JS" accessories, compound curves and very long runs can be easily assembled. Contact Jands for further assistance in design or correct choice of product for your application.

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