Lighting Bars

JANDS JLX-Pro Lighting Bar

Jands JLX-Pro Lighting BarThe Jands JLX-PRO is a modular pre-wired lighting bar system featuring a central load-bearing extrusion with aluminium side panels, forming two mechanically and electrically segregated wiring compartments.

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JANDS JLX-Lite Lighting Bar

Jands JLX-LITE Lighting BarThe Jands JLX-LITE is a lightweight lighting bar system that has been designed with ease of installation in mind. The JLX-LITE is intended for static installations such as school halls, clubs, ballrooms and exhibition spaces and designed to be installed by a licensed electrician.

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JANDS SLX-100 Motorised Lighting Bar

Jands SLX-100 Motorised Lighitng BattenThe Jands SLX-100 Motorised Lighting Bar is an innovative packaged hoist for TV, dance & rehearsal studios, media venues, theatres and other performance or corporate venues.

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