All Saints Senior College

All Saints Senior College

All_Saints_College_8webAll Saints Senior College in the Sydney suburb of Casula recently constructed a new multi-purpose auditorium calling upon The PA People and Jands to design and supply a suitable audio, lighting and staging solution. Jands Staging was engaged to install a motorised truss system, over stage lighting bars and a motorised curtain system, including tabs and borders, whilst The PA People were entrusted with the installation of the audio and lighting equipment, as well as providing vision solutions to suit the varying use of the space.

Jands Staging’s wealth of experience and knowledge was drawn upon to develop a staging solution just right for All Saints College. For instance, the lighting bars positioned over the stage had to be custom designed and installed by Jands to match the specific width of the College’s auditorium stage. This lighting set up for the main front of house lighting bar comprises of three (3) Jands JLX6 modular pre-wired lighting bars joined together, which in turn is motorised by a Jands H250P-V Pile Wind hoist
with multiple control points.

The College’s dimming and patching requirements have been looked after with the installation of a Jands WMX wall mounting 12 channel 2.4KVA per channel dimmer rack and a Jands WM-Patch wall mounting patch panel system. With its simple menu, enabling access to the configuration and test options, the Jands WMX dimmer is ideal for schools.

Also perfect for schools is the ETC Source Four Jr Zoom, which boasts rugged ETC fixture construction and all the celebrated precision optics of a Source Four. Eight (8) ETC Source Four Jr Zooms were chosen for this project, along with a dozen ETC Source Four PARNels and a dozen Source Four PARs. Spotlight, the latest addition to the Jands portfolio of professional lighting products, was also heavily utilised in this project. Twenty Spotlight Domino 1000 cyc lights have been installed (placed in four banks of five), to cover the College’s cyclorama lighting needs.

The auditorium’s audio system is being installed in three stages, with The PA People having completed stage 1. The speaker setup for this stage included a pair of JBL AE Series AM4315 3 way 15’’ speakers, positioned in a centre cluster, providing the main audio for front of house. Also included were a couple of front fill speakers, JBL Control Contractor delay speakers for the balcony and EON powered 10” two way portables for on stage monitoring.

In addition, the stage 1 set up encompassed a myriad of Shure microphones, including a couple of channels of the Shure SLX wireless system, as well as a Soundcraft LX7 Thirty Two channel control console, which is especially suited to multi-purpose use in venues such as small halls, schools and community centres. This stage also saw the installation of two Crown CDi 1000 amplifiers and a CTS amplifier to power the audio system.

However, it is the digital processing aspect of the project that garners special mention. A dbx 1260 ZonePro processor with multiple inputs and multiple outputs, is being used as a crossover and an EQ system for the loudspeaker systems for the different zones. The dbx 1260 ZonePro allows the client simple control over the audio system configuration.

Since the College’s auditorium regularly changes uses, the client wanted a situation whereby the principal walks in, switches on a radio mic, switches to the ‘assembly scene’ selection on a remote panel and his microphone input is fed directly through the audio system and out of the centre cluster.

“When performance mode is required, the client can press the ‘live audio’ mode and the mixer input is then injected into the sound system as opposed to just an assembly microphone being active” explained Rod McKinnon, Jands’ Account Manager on the project. “It actually brings in the inputs of the main audio console so they can be in a performance mode. There’s also a presentation mode that allows laptop audio to come into the system.”

“I’ve specified ZonePro control processors into several schools and the end users really love it. They don’t have to rely on anyone firing up the main console just for an assembly - it circumnavigates all of that.”

Stage 2 will expand the loudspeaker system by providing image speakers as well as additional microphones. Stage 3 will see the addition of a sub woofer system (the stage has been designed and built to accommodate a dual 18” sub woofer), the stage monitor system will be expanded with EONs and a Clear-Com two channel communication system will also be supplied.


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