Coorparoo State School

Coorparoo State School


Queensland’s Coorparoo State School has recently unveiled its new multipurpose hall which seats up to 500 people and everyone is delighted with the results.

“We are very proud of our new state-of-the-art performing arts hall and we are extremely grateful to have our new performance space fitted out with professional stage lighting equipment installed by an expert team,” remarked Jo Young, music co-ordinator for Coorparoo State School.

That expert team was Performance Lighting & Sound, specialists in supplying audio visual requirements to educational facilities.

“Our limited knowledge of lighting equipment meant we had to rely on the team at Performance Lighting & Sound to guide us as we configured equipment to suit our specific needs,” explained Jo. “It is early days for our operating team but we are already reaping the benefits of our Jands ESPII console and control systems. With guidance from PL&S technicians, we have been able to vastly improve the appearance of our performance ensembles and highlight soloists as well as major production items in a way we have never been able to before. Even in rehearsal we have noticed how professional and polished our performers look as a direct result of the lighting scenes we are now able to achieve.”

Noel Martin, director of PL&S explained that the Jands ESPII 24 was recommended as it is a very solid workhorse that is simple to operate.

Installed along with the Jands ESPII 24 lighting console were two Jands FPX12 dimmer racks and a Jands WM patch panel. Lighting fixtures include an entire family of Spotlight fixtures including eight Combi 650w fresnels, eight Combi 650w prism convex, a Vedette 2500w follow spot and five 4 way cyc lights. Added to that are a couple of ETC Junior zoom profiles as well as straight and curved Jands JH curtain track.

“We are very impressed with the quality of the Jands Spotlight products supplied and are already using them to polish our performances,” commented Jo. “The lighting console is very user friendly and relatively simple to use, with training and support from the team at Performance Lighting & Sound we already feel like professionals. Our lighting capability far exceeds our expectations and all of our requirements have been met “on time” and within budget.”

Spotlight fixtures were chosen due to their availability and because the school were prepared to pay for a product of quality.

”The Spotlight fixtures are well made and deliver even coverage,” added Noel. “Of course, the fabulous back up from Jands is an important factor too. More and more we are leaning towards Jands products because of the support and the service that they provide us which we can then pass on to our customers.”

The final word goes to Jo Young who says, “thank you Jands & PLS, we are very impressed.”


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