Mueller College

Mueller College

Mueller_Collage_webMueller is an Independent, Co-Educational College that is situated on the Redcliffe Peninsula, 20 minutes drive north from the Brisbane airport, Queensland.

The Mueller Performing Arts Centre includes a large auditorium surrounded by music rooms and small performing spaces giving the college a large amount of flexibility. When it came to staging, audio and lighting the college wanted only the best and so have decided to fit out the venue over stages to suit their income.

Consequently Jands were called upon to supply the lighting including a Vista T4 control platform, ETC Source Fours, Spotlight Combis, ETC Dimming, and Pathway Pathport. Jands also supplied much of the staging including winch motors, drapes and tracking.

Stage 1 has just been completed and this stage includes a minimal amount of stage lighting. The forty eight fixtures comprise of ETC Source Fours, chosen for their lighting punch while keeping heat generation to a minimum, and Spotlight Combi fixtures. But by the end of Stage 3 there will be a total of 260 light fixtures including moving heads.

“Thanks to the Pathway Pathport, we have DMX control to fourteen locations; each catwalk or gantry has a DMX controller on it so we can daisy chain movers,” said Don Heazlewood, Mueller’s Project Manager. “There is also DMX control on the stage side fill areas, on the floor of the stage and at the dimmer racks which are off stage in a plant room. All strategic areas are covered by Pathport units. The venue was strategically cabled whilst the building was under construction to cater for any future needs.”

ETC IES SineWave dimmers were chosen for their exceptional quiet operation as the college frequently undertakes live recordings.

“The ETC IES SineWave dimmers have performed to our expectation and we’ve been happy with this selection,” said Don. “We have 48 channels of dimmers but that will expand up to 260 when the extra lights are installed. The dimmers are located in a plant room, where all equipment is mounted on rubber pads so there’s no vibration. They’ve operated well and we’ve been happy with them.”

For the lighting control Don didn’t hesitate to choose a Vista T4, the flagship lighting console of the Vista range. A superb example of functional design, the T4 is quite simply the most sophisticated, powerful and easy-to-use lighting console available today.

“I prefer a console that has a Linux operating system,” commented Don. “We’ll also be using it for training purposes and I feel that it’s easier to use than some other consoles on the market. The Vista can do everything that other consoles can, yet it is far more user friendly.

“Creating scenes and sequences with Vista is easy to do, as is, running a programme from it where you can build up a particular scene quite easily on it. It’s so easy to recall scenes.”



Jands manufactured and supplied the proscenium opening masking curtains, legs and borders, plus the main, midstage and upstage curtains with borders.

“The legs can be used as full drawn stage curtains and this gives us the flexibility to mask the stage to whatever size we want,” remarked Don Heazlewood, Mueller’s Project Manager. “Because we have a twenty metre wide proscenium we need to be able to narrow that down depending on what function we have operating at that time. In conjunction with that we’ve installed a 9 x 5 metre projection screen which comes down off one of the catwalks and we can mask this screen as well.”

All of the curtains are controlled with winch motors, again supplied by Jands, so there are no hand drawn curtains.

“One of the objectives behind installing an AMX control system is we wanted the flexibility to go to preset locations and store them in the system so as to accurately mask whatever function we’re doing,” explained Don. “It will all be automated through the stage management system.”

By consulting with the experts such as Jands, Don has assured the technological future of the college for many years. It may take a while to complete his dream but when he does, the college will be able to offer only the best.


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