Warning About Unlicensed HPL Lamps

warning_webRecently, an unlicensed, six-filament Chinese-made lamp has appeared in the U.S., marketed as a HPL source. One distributor is advertising this lamp under the name “Silver,” but other distributors may substitute the Chinese lamp for name-brand licensed lamps. The lamp generally comes in a generic white box.

The patented HPL lamp was invented by David Cunningham and Gregg Esakoff for the Source Four® fixture line. Only GE, Osram, Philips and Ushio are licensed to produce authentic HPL lamps that meet the strict manufacturing requirements and performance criteria established for this lamp. Buyers should look for proof on the lamp and on the packaging that the HPL lamp they purchased is manufactured by one of these four licensed manufacturers.

ETC strongly recommends not using this lamp in any Source Four fixture.

The Silver lamp does not have the correct HPL filament structure and has not been tested or approved by ETC. Please also be aware that use of the Silver lamp or any other unlicensed lamp in any Source Four fixture will void any warranty claims for that fixture.

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