Solution 2: Hall With Stage


A hall with a dedicated stage will be equipped with a performance lighting system including a complement of theatrical luminaires, a suitably sized dimming system and a simple to operate lighting control system.

To support the theatrical luminaires a wired lighting bar, located forward of the nominated stage area, will be provided together with two or more wired lighting bars located over the stage. To provide suitable illumination to the stage area, the lighting bar located forwards of the stage area must be located at a height so that the angle of illumination is less than 45 degrees and no greater than 60 degrees in the vertical plane. This lighting bar should be readily accessible without resorting to the use of specialised high reach equipment. Allowing the lighting bars to be raided out of harmís way, when the space is used for say basketball, is also a design requirement. The requirements often dictate that the lighting bar located forwards of the stage will need to be winched. Jands commend a number of different solutions for hoisted bar lighting systems, with the choice between these solutions being driven by the available budget, ease of use, safety and aesthetic considerations.

To cater for school assemblies and other presentations generally, the hall should be equipped with an easy to operate high intelligibility audio system to allow a presenter to be clearly heard by the assembled students. Such an audio system will also be designed to allow the faithful reproduction of music.

Other design considerations for multipurpose halls with a dedicated stage include the need to control natural daylight, with drama productions requiring a controlled light environment, performer circulation in the stage area, access to the stage area for instruments such as a piano, good acoustics to assist intelligibility, adequate mains power and of course structure to allow the components mentioned above to be suspended from the building structure. Please contact Jands should you require any assistance in formulating the technical requirements of a multipurpose hall.

Recommended Staging, Lighting and Audio Options

Hall-With-Stage-Floor-Plan Staging

























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Alternative Staging, Lighting and Audio Options


S11   S12   S13   S20



L11   L12   L20   L22


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