JBL and Crown Get Aquabumps

JBL and Crown Get Aquabumps

Aquabumps, a business based upon the beach and surf culture, consists of a highly popular website that attracts 30,000 viewers per day and also a gallery located, naturally, at Bondi Beach in Sydney.

The gallery is an unusual space as it was formally a driveway between two buildings. Now it’s a long, narrow venue that measure thirty-six metres in length but only three metres wide.

Eugene Tan, owner of Aquabumps, was keen to incorporate background music into his gallery in order to create atmosphere.

“The gallery has a very serene feel to it and I wanted to give it a bit of warmth,” he explained. “It’s quite a large space so it needed quite a serious system. There are two zones – the gallery and my office – and I needed control over the volume in the office for when I was on the phone.”

Due to the unusual shape and size of the gallery, Eugene knew that getting a premium audio result would be tricky but he was amazed at how well his chosen JBL Control system performed.

“I’m very happy with the results,” commented Eugene. “My brief was to have low volume music playing very clearly through the gallery not like in a bar where it’s really loud. I needed audio that is soft yet crystal clear and evenly spread and JBL provided that solution. As the gallery is very minimal in appearance, it was also important that there weren’t bits of speakers hanging around. The JBL Control speakers are built into the ceiling so they’re nice and discreet.”

In total, Aquabumps Gallery utilises six JBL Control 26CT speakers, two JBL Control 25AVW speakers, a Crown CRN-28M mixer and a Crown CD11000 power amplifier.



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