Home Studio

Home recording is the practice of recording in a private home, rather than in a professional recording studio, which is growing in popularity.

When youíre looking to set up an adequate home studio, it can be tricky to find a way to stay within budget and without ending up with a terrible sound. At minimum, a home studio consists of a recording device, monitoring equipment (speakers and/or headphones), input devices (e.g. microphones) and musical instruments. We have recommended some cost effective options that will also provide you with quality sound.

Digital Audio Processing

Lexicon Lambda

Digital Audio Processing brings studio owners the distinctive, richly detailed sound quality that only Lexicon can provide. Lexiconís products will take any studio to the next level, due to their continued commitment to provide users the highest quality recording options.

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Shure PG42USB

Microphones vary greatly in quality and price, while a top end recording studio microphone may cost thousands and in many cases they are needed for the very best recordings, you can buy a good microphone for a fraction of the cost to suit your studio requirements.

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Mixing Consoles

Soundcraft EFX 8

You can't make a great recording if your mixer makes your sound muffled or distorted. Let Soundcraft's legendary mic preamps capture your sounds with pristine quality, and when it comes to mixing, Soundcraft's smooth and measured EQ will correct those sounds exactly how you want them without adding any undesireable effects.

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Before you can record or mix good sound, you need to be able to hear what you are getting. In audio terms, monitors allow you to listen to the audio while it is being recorded or edited. If youíre trying to sing or play along with a recorded music track, you need to monitor through headphones, earphones or speakers.

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