Shure SRH840 Reference Studio Headphones

SRH440_HeadphonesThe SRH840 is specifically engineered for critical listening and professional recording. With its precisely tailored frequency response it delivers accurate sound reproduction in demanding studio applications.

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Shure SRH940 Reference Studio Headphones

Shure SRH940Designed for professional audio engineers and studio professionals, SRH940 Headphones provide accurate response across the entire audio spectrum to deliver smooth high-end extension with tight bass. Two included detachable cables (straight and coiled) and a replacement set of velour ear pads ensure a long-lasting lifetime of use.

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JBL LSR4300 Series

JBL LSR4300 SeriesThe JBL LSR4300 Studio Monitors feature RMC™ Room Mode Correction, JBL's exclusive technology that automatically analyses and corrects the response of each speaker in the room for absolute accuracy at the mix position. The first studio monitors with powerful network intelligence built into each speaker specifically designed to deliver an accurate mix in any room, the LSR4300's are the ultimate monitor for modern production studios. The first self aware monitoring system, they're the only choice for music, post, broadcast, Surround 5.1, and beyond.

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JBL LSR6300 Series

JBL LSR6300 SeriesThe award-winning JBL LSR6300 Series professional loudspeakers deliver the exceptional accuracy and performance needed in demanding music, post audio and broadcast applications. Each model provides ultra-flat response, extraordinary SPL capability and technology to optimise performance in any size production environment. All models are shielded, ready for mounting and THX® pm3T approved.

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