Solution 1: Performance Space With Stage

Performance Stage With Stage 

For this type of venue the facility is generally in terms of lighting, audio and staging enable the hosting of simple dramatic productions which to not rely upon the provision of a fly tower to fly out scenery elements.

Typically this venue would be equipped with a quantity of motorised winched lighting bars, a complement of dimmers, theatrical luminaires together with a left, centre and right sound system complete with subwoofer.

The stage would be equipped with a complement of stage drapes including legs, borders, motorised FOH, cord operated midstage drape and a cyclorama located upstage which may also feature an additional pair of drapes immediately downstage of this element.

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Recommended Staging, Lighting and Audio Options 

Performance Stage With Stage Diagram Staging

Theatre S10

Theatre S22

Theatre S23

Theatre S30







Theatre Lighting L12

Theatre Lighting L22 












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Alternative Staging, Lighting and Audio Options


Theatre S11   Theatre S12   Theatre S13


Theatre Lighting L10   Theatre Lighting L11   Theatre Lighting L20   Theatre Lighting L21 

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