Solution 2: Theatre With Motorised Stage Platform And Power Flying System

Performance Stage With Stage

For a theatre the facility is generally in terms of lighting, audio and staging are quite elaborate and rely upon the presence of a fly tower to enable scenery elements to be flown out when required by a production.

Typically this venue would be equipped with a quantity of winched lighting bars usually pitched between 150mm and 200mm apart with a full complement of dimmers, theatrical luminaires together with left, centre and right sound system complete with subwoofer.

The stage would be equipped with a complement of stage drapes including legs, borders, motorised FOH drapes, midstage drapes, upstage drapes and a cyclorama. These theatres are usually provided with a motorised stage platform to enable both the creation of an orchestra pit as well as enabling scenic elements and musical instruments such as pianos to be moved easily from stage level to sub stage level for storage. A motorised stage lift is a particularly useful machine for theatres.

To enable the acoustics of the venue to be adapted to suit the application, venues of this kind are often equipped with motorised acoustic banners.

A quantity of motorised or counterweighted battens would be supplied and installed. In some applications a mixture of high speed hoists and rigging hoists would be supplied, but for the more flexible and professional theatres all hoists are identical to suit the needs of any dramatic production in terms of rigging scenery elements or lighting bars where required. The speed of the hoisting systems for professional theatres range from 0.9m per second through to 2.0m per second with net payloads usually being in the vicinity of 500kg or more per line.

Please contact Jands should you require any assistance in formulating the technical requirements of a theatre.

Recommended Staging, Lighting and Audio Options

Motorised Stage Platform With Power Flying Diagram Staging

Theatre S10

Theatre S23

Theatre S24

Theatre S30

Theatre S40

Theatre S50

Theatre S60







Theatre Lighting L13

Theatre Lighting L23








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Alternative Staging, Lighting and Audio Options


Theatre S11   Theatre S12   Theatre S13   Theatre S22


Theatre Lighting L11   Theatre Lighting L12   Theatre Lighting L21   Theatre Lighting L22


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