Jands Install First CableNet System In Australia

Jands Install First CableNet System In Australia


Jands are proud to have completed the first installation of a CableNet system in Australia. The State Theatre Centre of Western Australia has been fitted with two CableNet Tension Wire Grids, which provide a safe high level access platform for theatre technicians to carry out settings and adjustments to lighting and sound equipment.

Located in Northbridge, WA, the State Theatre Centre (STC) is approaching the end of its construction, which is expected to be completed in late 2010. The STC will feature a 575 seat Heath Ledger Theatre and a 234 seat flexible Studio Underground, with both theatres equipped with the latest stage technology and comfortable seating. Also included in the Centre is The Courtyard, a multi-purpose outdoor events space, two rehearsal rooms and two flexible-use private suites.

Cablenet-2CableNet grids are suspended from existing steelwork by welding brackets into the bottom cord of the roof truss and bolting to the frame. Woven from 3mm diameter 180 grade high tensile theatre black finish carbon steel wire rope with a minimum break load of 540kgf, the grids are designed to support a maximum point load of 250kg in a square metre (only one such load per frame), which is indicative of two personís adjacent carrying equipment up to 50kg in weight between them. This means that the grids are strong enough to carry the weight of sound and lighting teams to safely rig through on this grid floor.



Overall, the main benefits of CableNet Tension Wire Grids include:

  • Low maintenance.
  • Provides a safe working environment for all personnel working in the catwalks.
  • No shadows cast through the grid system from stage lighting positioned above.
  • Strong enough to carry the weight of sound and lighting teams.
  • No movement of lighting bars required, i.e. up and down, to refocus lights or replace bulbs.
  • Fall arrest equipment and safety harnesses are not required to be worn under normal working conditions for the tension wire grid.

Jands has also recently completed the installation of a second CableNet system into the Sydney Catholic Vocational College.

 Cablenet-3 Cablenet-4

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