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Below are the current low resolution logos of all the brands Jands represents in Australia. Please ensure that the logo you are using in your artwork matches the relevant logo below. To request high resolution versions of these logos, please fill out the form below. Your logo will be accompanied by a Brand Guideline document. Please read this document in full and abide by the guidelines stipulated.

Please note all logo usage MUST be approved by Jands Marketing, and incorrect usage will not be funded via co-op or any other form of marketing support.

Submissions can be made by filling out the below form. We will endeavour to get back to you within 2 working days.

ASM        Aurora Multimedia        BSS        Cablenet        ChromaQ

Clear-Com        Crown        dbx        DIS        ETC

Furman        Gala Systems        Gator Cases        IDX        Jands

JBL        Lexicon        Movecat        optocore-thumb        Pathway

PR Lighting        Shure        Soundcraft        Studer        VariLite


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