ETC Source Four LED Lustr+ Series 2. A Twist Of Lime Makes The Perfect Colour (And White) Cocktail

ETC Source Four LED Lustr+ Series 2. A Twist Of Lime Makes The Perfect Colour (And White) Cocktail

The ETC Source Four LED Lustr+ Series 2 brings a rework of the x7 color system, which replaces the white emitter with a lime green. This change allows the Series 2 Lustr+ to produce even richer colour rendering and more achievable colour spectrum but more importantly it provides a significant boost in output lumens and a richer brighter white. A richer brighter white? Yes you did read that right; even without a white LED the Source Four LED Series 2 is capable of an even richer brighter white, thanks to the genius addition of a lime green emitter. Those smart folks at ETC have once again raised the bar and redefined the way we think about the creation of colour with LED.

Up until this point the logical thinking has been to add a white emitter to increase the white output and allow for the creation of pastel and theatrical tints. This makes perfect sense, however doesn't it also make sense to try and mimic the colour spectrum of white light, which is a collection of many different wavelengths of colour. In this way shouldn't we be adding more coloured LED's into an array rather than "cheating" the process by adding a white LED.

Obviously, to select the correctly coloured emitters to better enhance the white whilst also maintaining a rich colour spectrum the array would have to be extremely well designed and undergo rigorous testing and variations. Luckily ETC have just the team to do this and after this testing process they have created the new and improved x7 array, sporting the new lime green emitter.

So what does the lime green do?
Lime green increases the luminaire’s lumen output in open white and lighter tints to make them brighter and livelier, better matching the colour of a conventional Source Four® fixture. The lime also enriches colour-rendering by better marrying the red and blue ends of the colour spectrum, for truer-to-life light that fills in the gaps that ordinary LEDs leave behind.

But ETC didn't stop with the Lime Green Emitter they also added more red to the x7 color system in the Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr array. Working in unison with the lime-green emitter, the extra red means the luminaire can produce ambers, straws and pinks up to three hundred percent as bright as those from the original Source Four LED™. The deeper, richer colour from the Source Four LED Series 2 will evoke the strongest audience reaction to any sunset, moonlight and dramatic scenes.

So how does the Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr+ compare?

 ETC Source Four LED Lustr+ Series 2 Lustr

As well as a new improved colour array, the Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr+ maintains all of the software features that have made the ETC LED range the pinnacle of LED technology. These include:

  • Red Shift - As the luminaire fades the intensity it will add more warmth into the array to mimic the fade of an incandescent fixture.
  • Thermal Protection Modes - To ensure the protection of your LED's the fixture includes three operating modes, Protected, Regulated and Boost, which vary the output to ensure perfect operation in any temperature and environment. 
  • Intelligent Control Modes - Don’t want to spend hours mixing colour? ETC has you covered. Our research team has developed colour algorithms that optimise the colour mix for each hue that your console dials up. Simply use the ‘Hue, Saturation and Brightness’ or ‘Red Green Blue’ controls and the luminaire does the rest, adjusting to the proper ratio of lime, red and the other five colours. You save on design time and get great results.

For more information on the Source Four Led Series 2 Lustr+ visit ETC's website or Layers of Light.

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