Lighting Application Guide For Nightclubs And Bars

Lighting Application Guide For Nightclubs And Bars

Lighting Application Guide for a Nightclub, Bar or Small Performance Space

An energy efficient lighting solution affords greater versatility from a small lighting rig.

Lighting is an entertaining way to transform a small dark venue into one full of colour and movement creating an atmosphere that suits any band, dance floor or space. First step is to recognise what you need to achieve with the lighting, illuminate performers, light a dance floor, create effects or a combination of all three? In order to help guide a decision on what will be needed for the rig you will need to know what definitely needs to be lit.

A lighting example used in a lot of spaces in the past was a three colour wash in par cans. This could be a minimum of nine 240V incandescent instruments with only three colours. Incandescent par cans generate a lot of heat, require dimmers to power them and a lamp change when they blow. Whereas LED fixtures have multiple colours, low power, low heat, have the ability to dim without needing a dimmer, flash and strobe with no concern for the lamp and will last as long as 50,000 hours.

Sometimes smaller venues do not have 3 phase power for power distribution and this can limit the quantity of fixtures that can be used. If power is a problem then LED is the solution. With the advent of brighter LED fixtures, including moving ones, it makes creating a great lighting show in your venue just that little bit easier. PR Lighting have a cost effective range of LED Pars and moving heads with low power needs, great light output, heaps of colour and all in a compact size. The rainbow of colours comes from four different LED emitters, Red, Green, Blue and White. Using the emitters at different brightness levels will give you an exceptional range of colours. This colour changing ability gives the operator the option to easily change the mood or draw the audience’s attention by using colour alone.

Jands and PR Lighting

The next step is to decide how to control these new instruments. The lighting desk we recommend for small venues is the Stage CL from Jands which has been specifically designed for LED fixtures. Once everything is powered and patched all you have to do is bring up a fader and twist a dial or push a button to change the colour. There is also a selection of pre-programed colour selections or colour chases from a menu on the touch screen.

A good number to start with is 8 instruments. This will give you enough scope to alter the look between songs or for lighting the dance floor. The LED pars from PR Lighting are the XPar 336 and XPar 360. Hopefully this has given you a good idea of what you will need to light your space, stage or dance floor. If you have any questions please call Jands on 02 9582 0909 and we will help you find the right lighting for your job.

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