Chroma-Q Brilliant Studio Solutions

Chroma-Q Brilliant Studio Solutions

Going green in your studio is now possible, without using gel.

Are you constantly changing lamps or always watching gel burn out due to the ageing lighting in your studio? Why not move into this century and save money on your power consumption with Chroma-Q®. The technical requirements for lighting in a film, television and studio environment need to be particularly specific, and for good reason. High definition cameras are highly specialised in the way they collect images, and if an LED manufacturer has not taken this into account LED instruments can cause unwanted pulsing and flickering.

With this in mind Chroma Q® have delivered an LED product that is flicker free with theatrical grade dimming in the Studio Force™ Range. The range includes 3 stand out performers that cover all the needs of any studio large or small. The Studio Force™ Phosphor, the Studio Force battens and the Color Force battens.

Chroma-Q Studio Force V PhosphorThe Studio Force Phosphor has a daylight (D 12), tungsten (T 12) and variable white (V 12) and is an excellent replacement for any soft edge fluorescent instruments producing up to 7000 lumens. They have been specifically designed for film, TV and studio environments emulating the full spectrum (CRI) lighting needed for close up shots. The variable white is a mixture of the daylight and tungsten covering the range from 3200K to 5600K. The unit has a colour touch screen for manual control as well as DMX and simple function allowing the fan to be altered for quiet studio environments. It is also available in a DC battery powered version for those times when you need to get out of the studio.

Chorma Q Studio and Color Force 

The Studio Force™ Extreme Output battens have a Daylight and Variable white option and are specifically designed to wash large areas evenly. They are available in a compact, 12, 48 and a 72 versions giving you a range of options that will easily wash any space large or small. Flat end plates allow them to be rigged very close together on the floor or ceiling helping to achieve a seamless wall wash. The Color Force™ LED battens come in the same length options but have a high output in RGBA giving a radically increased colour palette and have the ability to wash up to 8m in height, easily covering a backdrop in large studios or flooding any area with bright colours. It should also be mentioned the remarkable ability these units have to fade between colour, seamlessly changing the mood from hot to cold or producing eye popping rainbow effects.

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