Paint Your Cycloramas With The ETC Source Four LED Cyc

Paint Your Cycloramas With The ETC Source Four LED Cyc

The Source Four LED with the x7 colour system has come be accepted as the premier LED profile product to date, combining the superior Source Four Optics with a high output, brilliantly colourful LED array. However, it has just become even more powerful with the addition of the Source Four LED Cyc, an adaptor that takes the place of the lens tube and allows the Source Four LED engine to become a fully fledged cyclorama fixture.

The Source Four LED Cyc transforms the Source Four LED into a true asymmetrical cyc unit. It can be purchased as a complete cyclorama fixture including both engine and cyc lens, or you can repurpose your existing Source Four LED units into cyc units. All is required is the removal of the profile lens and shutter barrel and the simple attachment of the cyc adaptor, the processor is easy quick and doesn't require tools.


There is a definite advantage to using the light-engine body for the Source Four LED with the new CYC adapter: it makes the Source Four LED more versatile and cost effective. Instead of having CYC fixtures sit dormant when not in use, they can be repurposed as spotlights, giving designers more options.  And since the fixture works so well as a cyc light, designers donít have to feel like they are making a compromise if the decision is to leave them permanently hung on a cyc bar.

Lighting a Cyc with ETC Source Four LED
The Source Four LED Cyc works best starting at a distance approximately 1 metre from the front edge of the adapter to the target material. From 1 metre to 1.6 metres, the angle will need to be adjusted in order to achieve the best performance.

The Source Four LED Cyc is designed to be positioned in line with the edge of the material. This makes the unit function especially well for rear-projection screens. Surfaces up to 6 metres can be lit by a single row, either top or bottom. For target surfaces over that amount, or when brighter light is required, it is recommended to use both a top and a bottom position.

Projection Height

The fixture will function well with two-to-one spacing. For professional-level performance, a spacing of 1.4 to one (or less) is recommended. As an example, at 1 metre back, the fixtures would be spaced 1.4 metres apart on centre. It should also be noted that the fixture is best utilised in groups of three or more. This is because the precision optics are designed to spread the light evenly across a large surface. The light from the fixtures combines to produce a wonderfully smooth and bright surface.


Painting a Cyclorama using x7

ETC Source Four LED Color System

Because the Source Four LED CYC adapter uses the same light-engine body as the Source Four LED™, designers get the benefit of the x7 Color System™ in the Lustr+™ array.

Both bold and subtle color choices. On white cycs, thereís a much broader gamut, meaning it provides colours not possible with an RGB luminaire. Sky blue, deep night, southwest terracotta... the skyís the limit. 

But where the fixture really shines is on painted drops. RGB or RGBW units simply donít provide professional-level designers the control they need to do a proper job. 

The x7 Color System allows for subtle colour adjustments to the stage picture, which makes the entire team happy.

Click here for more information on ETC's Source Four LED.

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