The PR Lighting ARC LED 3216 can Paint the Town RGBW

The PR Lighting ARC LED 3216 can Paint the Town RGBW


This impressive dual headed architectural fixture with its IP67 rating is a perfect, low-powered replacement for all permanent outdoor installations, as well as being a perfect addition to any short term event. The ARC LED 3216 uses 3W LEDs (216 of them!) in an even distribution of red, green, blue and white diodes that are surprisingly bright. The ARC LED 3216 has a protected wireless DMX receiver which is durable enough to withstand any accidental knock, removing some of the hassles associated with installation. 

When it comes to a more permanent installation—or set ups with a limited time to program—the ARC LED 3216 provides the option of an internal clock with 16 user defined memories. It also includes the manufacturers default 16 pre-programmed memories which can utilise master/slave functionality, allowing slave ARC LED 3216’s (or compatible PR lighting devices) to only require power. The beam angle is a respectable 32 degrees that can be widened to 57 degrees with an optional lens.

The ARC LED 3216 is also exceptional for short term outdoor engagements like music festivals. It will effortlessly bath the audience in colour, illuminate surrounding trees, or highlight the theatre for opening night. 

The ARC LED 3216 is an extremely cost-effective luminaire that will easily replace outdated halogen or Par38 flood lamps which are inefficiently lighting a venue. With instant repeatable colour in an instrument that has an estimated 50,000 hour lifetime per LED colour (R, G, B, and W)—that’s 17 years running 8 hours a day—the ARC LED 3216 could save hundreds of dollars per year in electricity costs alone. Utilising the Jands LED Calculator, it is extremely easy to determine which LED is the best solution to replace existing halogen or Par38 flood lamps. Additionally, having all 216 RGBW diodes on simultaneously would be a rare occurrence, meaning the ARC LED 3216 could last four times as long as the estimated 50,000 hours—this has been determined by assuming only one colour range would be on at a time, meaning four individually running diode colours each running for 50,000 hours would mean a 200,000 hour run time. 

Have a specific project in mind? Want to know if the ARC LED 3216 will be the instrument necessary to compliment a venue? Give Jands a call today on 02 9582 0909 for a demo and we will be happy to help with a personalised LED calculator assessment, as well as providing expert help from our qualified professionals for design or placement enquiries.

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