Did You Know...Vista v2

Did You Know...Vista v2

Every software release we add more and more exciting features to Vista v2. Here are a few that you may have missed...

Multi Element Fixture Selection
Many consoles struggle with how to control multi element fixtures, I'm sure everyone has had an experience where they have had to patch a multi cell LED batten as a number of generic fixtures. In Vista, by utilising our visual interface we have a unique advantage. We can keep a multi element fixture grouped as a single fixture yet still easily allow access to programming on all the individual elements. Expanding on this, we are now able to easily control how we select these fixtures too.

In recent releases we added the split/group button to the menu bar, this button allows you to not only select your fixtures as individual elements but you can now quickly change the selection mode to group all of the elements together.

In split mode the console works as it always has and selects the individual elements of the fixture according to the selection order.

Vista v2 2

Vista v2 1

By changing the mode to Group, we now group all of the elements together as one fixture to be controlled simultaneously.

Vista v2 3

Vista v2 4

This is a very powerful tool because it allows you to dynamically change the selection mode for multi element fixtures. For example, imagine you had a rig of Multi element fixtures, and in one instance you wanted to change the colour of the elements individually. Just select the fixtures in split mode and scroll through the elements using the next/previous buttons. Then if you needed to change the pan and tilt for the global element you could quickly just change to group mode and then you just get the whole fixture so you can adjust the global element, you can do all this without changing the fixture selection.

Also you can use the split/group buttons when working with Smart FX. You can use these modes to dynamically change your effects to either work through each element individually or affect the fixture as a whole. This allows you to create some very powerful effects dynamically.

Vista v2 5

View Current Selection - Smart FX
Recently we added an option to the Smart FX window that allows you to view the current fixture selection within the effect you have selected. This button temporarily shows you in the fixture chooser, the way in which you fixtures are being selected within the running effect. This is very handy because it gives you visual feedback of the grouping and selection settings that you change within the Sequence tab in the Smart FX window. The fixture chooser holds the effect selection order until you click OK on the pop up dialog box.

Vista v2 6

sACN Support
Vista includes support for sACN as a standard ethernet protocol available in the connect universes dialog. Vista allows for full sACN universe settings plus the ability to set priority levels for each sACN universe.

You can find more information on new features and new additions to the Vista v2 console in the release notes for each software release. These contain new features, bug fixes, and some helpful instructions on how to update your consoles and systems.

Click here to view the current release Vista v2 notes.

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